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  1. Agree - most could care less about RV and don't even know what NIL is. You are right about that. I am just saying there are more lurkers than posters on here in my opinion.
  2. https://northtexan.unt.edu/issues/2021-fall/one-building-many-memories
  3. Vonce is doing great but the rest of the team not so much.
  4. There is still something incredibly fun about being at the games in person. I so agree that there are some that will opt to watch from home if it gets too expensive though.
  5. I think it is wishful thinking to say that Frank Harris will remain unbroken the remainder of the season. This guy gets hurt when he gets out of bed. Not wishing injury on him but I'd be shocked if he is still healthy for the remainder of the season.
  6. The actual numbers of total posters may be small but I think you vastly underestimate how many read this site and never post. I'd wager it is like 90%. I have several friends who on on here daily and have been for years but never actual post. They are just lurkers.
  7. Hit looked really bad I am sad to say. My guess is it will be awhile. Next man up.
  8. Indeed, this is just a paycheck to them. They do not share the passion that we do as alums and fans.
  9. Sorry to be so skeptical, but how in the world would Wren want out of an easy job that pays him $750K?
  10. Great post, and it speaks volumes as to why we see a lack of building support amongst the students and alumni and just t-shirt fans in the Denton area that like college football. I think the positive we can draw from this is that when we do win consistently our fanbase grows. We just have to get better at our coaching hires. That is the biggest issue if you review the empirical data out there.
  11. Seth moves up to #15 nationally. https://coacheshotseat.com/ Interesting thing is FAU's coach Willie Taggart is #11. A loss either way could end up being a death blow?
  12. I agree with your point, but I sure wish they would throw Patty Cobbs a pass and force the new staff to adopt him. He is a graduate, former letterman and bleeds green.
  13. What does it take for Littrell to pull Aune? Does Aune have pictures?
  14. So it’s not OK for Coach Bennett to get in our QBs face and yell at him like that. That does nothing but hurt his confidence. Why is Bennett allowed to act like that?
  15. Absolutely, there is a ton of talent in Denton and the area surrounding it.
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