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  1. No one is pretending they are happy Mcbride is leaving. We are all unhappy that he's leaving. Just some people have more class than others. You would think regardless of Mcbride taking advantage of an extra year of eligibility and transferring elsewhere that we would still celebrate his accomplishments here and wish A UNT Alum good luck in his respective career.
  2. He didn't so no to Jamize
  3. Who's the player behind door #3 @UNTLifer? Its a new day.
  4. This will definitely hurt our brand if it comes to fruition. Things like this is why its difficult for people to become T-shirt fans. Consistent success both on the field/court and in hiring is what gets us actual brand recognition. We have to act like the bigger programs, pay up the best mens BBall coach we have every had, and embrace athletics as a way to push the brand recognition. Being a nationally known school in the likes of athletics helps everyone associated with the university. Im still a huge fan of the mean green but without any actual ties to the school itself (born in dfw, I just picked the closest D1 university without religious affiliation) stuff like this can really wear thin on us T-shirt fans. Sometimes feels like we will never have the support needed to make an actual impact in relevant D1 sports.
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