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  1. Eric Morris is another TT alum with good written all over him. He has Incarnate Word in the Top 25 of FCS and battling for the Southland Conference title. Younger than all of them. Was OC under Kingsbury at Tech.
  2. Ruhle is Baptist, and his dad a Baptist preacher. That carries a lot of weight in the homes of Texas recruits. He only half needed a “Texas ties” guy. He had the Jesus part nailed from birth. Also...everyone do their homework on what “Texas ties” really means - almost nothing. Since 1970, there has only been one national championship won by a Texas major: the Longhorns in 2005. The recruits today were in diapers and baby beds when that occurred, crapping themselves harder and oftener than a highly pre-season ranked Big Ten school or Notre Dame! The majority of championships over the past three to four decades have been either SEC of ACC schools, and a great plethora by any of the three major Florida football factories. You need speed, giant lines, and defense to win championships. SEC and ACC have it in their home states, more than all of Texas combined. Heck, even OU has four titles since 1970, none with Texas QBs! Two with Okie QB, one with Cali QB, and one with South Dakota QB. Screw the obsession with “Texas ties.” Get a coach who will hire assistants who can find gems all over the South and Southeast. Art Briles and all the other Run and Shoot panty wastes like him can blow their wads in high schools and lower divisions, shining their “I Set An Offensive Record” Trophies while they watch SEC and ACC schools battles for the National Title Crystal Ball Trophy...(brought to you by Carl’s Jr.)! Get a real coach who understands 100% of every facet of football, not sold out to offensive stats. And, make sure he hires an assistant or two with “ties” into South Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, Tennessee, Louisiana, the Carolinas, etc. where championship players are born and bred!
  3. It’s 2021, not 2011. Realignment. NIL. Eligibility rules. Job security. These things all change the equation. It was a bigger gamble for Seth when he put in the diminutive, small school classification Okie Mason Fine as a true freshman. If Seth is fired and Drummond follows him to whichever school hires him as OC, we’ll have never seen him play. There is nothing to lose...except more games. For Seth, his job.
  4. The time for the Pioneer Woman’s kid to start. Years and years ago, my friend, Seth Littrell had the nuts to bench an older QB in favor of gambling on an inexperienced fellow Okie, and it paid dividends. Seth must not hold back now. Retire Austin Aune. Give him a hard nuggie on the head for effort and sass. But, it’s time to win some games. It’s time for another small town Oklahoma kid to show the Texans how football is played. Seth knows this...or, at least he used to know it. Patrick Cobbs. It’s 2021. These kids will transfer portal at the first offer of cash and prizes if they aren’t starting. By not starting him last week versus Liberty, we were denied the Drummond versus Willis match up we’d all been craving since Facts Of Life was cancelled! Drummond, now more than ever! Pawhuska.
  5. He came into the game averaging 208 yards passing and 2 TD passes per game. He played about three quarters and threw for 215, 3 TDs, and had his highest QB Rating of the season. Seth’s glaring mistake was giving Jason Bean, who wasn’t even a full time starter his senior year of high school, a scholarship. It has thrown off the development of the position. Mason Fine to Jason Bean was a mistake. It is akin to McCarney’s fumble of the position after Hall of Famer Derek Thompson graduated. Derek Thompson...Mason Fine. These were not quarterbacks sitting half their senior high school seasons on the bench. Seth must portal in real QB talent and sign QB talent. The UNC kid also ... mistake. He was not going to challenge for the Tar Heel starting job. Not even close. The time to do something is when the time is right.
  6. If Malik Willis had played the entire game, Liberty would have hung 50 or 60 points on us. Hugh Freeze took pity on us after Willis re-entered the game and they reeled off 21 points rather quickly. Hugh has Seth on his short list of offensive coordinators when he gets another shot at Big Conference School.
  7. It’s time to admit that Seth Littrell is at least as good as Darrell Dickey, and we would be arrogant and unwise to toss him aside as though we were now a destination job. Look at the wanderings of the Sand Aggies in Lubbock since they jettisoned Mike Leach. The bowl appearances and near champions and decent recruiting by Seth have given some here the Sand Aggies’ mistaken “We’re good enough to dance with someone who didn’t brung us” attitude. Watch what you ask for. Many of you pined for Todd Dodge, if you’ll be honest to your own confused recollections.
  8. The trajectory of neither of these is UNT. If fired from current jobs, they will be coordinators again at Big Conference School.
  9. Years and years ago, my friend, there was conjecture on this very board that Liberty did not deserve to be scheduled by the likes of us...because they were allegedly a diploma mill/cash box for Falwell & Sons and, therefore, not serious enough to be beaten by us. But, now, they have hired a Hugh Freeze, and have beaten us in our brand new, 11 season old football stadium, and without even playing their starting quarterback the entire game. Do not test the Lord, your God, nor your enemy, Hugh Freeze.
  10. The fan of a school joining a dying major conference is accusing me of sarcasm? Applewhite is a coordinator at a school like UNT. He would coach at UNT given the offer. Be real, my friend.
  11. Realignment isn’t complete as far as the Big 12 is concerned. The only remaining school with national cache is Kansas, due to academics and basketball. If KU is properly wedged into the Big Ten, the Big 12 will invite SMU. If KU becomes part of the Big Ten, it will be expanded by two: KU and Notre Dame. Hear me now, believe me later.
  12. The Major Applewhite file: https://usajaguars.com/sports/football/roster/coaches/major-applewhite/1838 Do we have enough money to wrest him away from South Alabama? That’s really the only question remaining in the equation.
  13. Bob Stoops isn’t going to coach anywhere else due to health issues that led to his retirement from OU. If we are not wise enough to keep Seth, there are several failed University of Texas head coaches and coordinators who are 6-17 against OU in the 21st Century who are perpetually available. How about Major Applewhite?
  14. The time to extend Seth’s contract is now...before Kansas State unofficially tries to steal him again. Extend him for five years, for $2 million a year. A bargain for the AAC’s future multi-year Coach of the Year.
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