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  1. I think it’s Sun Belt to join old friends App and Ga So. Marshall and the MAC while academically work, they don’t get along. Things changed from the 60s till 1996. Selfishly, hoping for it for vacations to Gulf Shores, Savannah and even Myrtle. I will miss seeing what Charlotte and UTSA can become. Hoping UNT finds its footing and takes off. It was short, but it’s been fun.
  2. Docs record it Texas says otherwise ha.
  3. I just want to say I come in peace. Felt compelled to pop over and see how UNT felt after the game and saw this post. A couple thoughts. SL looked like he was miserable from the start. Does he always look this way? Like his body language the first drive was reflected across the whole game. Has he quit? It felt like all around from quarter one the kids went to business for themselves trying to make plays of any sort on the D to a fault. On O it was like there was no energy. It just kind of snowballed quick. All around, I just felt bad. For the fans, team and coaches. Been apart of a few teams where the kids were done with us and we were equally done with them. So I was just curious if that is what you all are seeing or if that is the norm under this staff?
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