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  1. I just remember a lot of discussion in the OLD WAC expansion and Some MWC talk when Boise and SDSU were thinking of leaving a few years ago. The thought from many Texas schools fans, not UNT if I remember, was you had to invite 4 Texas schools to get any of them. TCU did break that mold though
  2. it was 2013 and here is an article. rumor was they did not engage with the MWC at all at the time. But who really knows what happened behind the scenes. Like I said Thompson is quiet and not a carnival barker like Aresco. San Diego State did not join the Big East and expansion never happened https://www.mwcconnection.com/2013/1/8/3849464/mountain-west-expansion-tulsa-ut-san-antonio
  3. I have always thought the WAC or MWC was better with a Texas presence like UTEP or TCU. The WAC 16 went overboard and had too much concentration in Texas making divisions difficult to achieve. I do support an expansion of 1-2 teams in Texas. Partly to help balance the conference and partly as a buffer if Boise and another school leaves.. I know little about UNT at this point and that is why I joined to listen and see your viewpoints. I know UTSA was briefly courted by the MWC a few years ago but they turned the MWC down was the thought at the time.
  4. Here is a press release on the MWC TV deal just for information from a Casper Wyo paper. https://trib.com/sports/college/wyoming/football/mountain-west-strikes-six-year-270-million-tv-media-rights-deal/article_71eded22-561e-5ba1-81da-ffc9913fe301.html
  5. I am a Wyoming alumni and fan who has just retired from Montana to Hawaii and I have been watching/attending WAC and MWC games since the 60's. I have seen a lot of changes since the Arizona Schools left the WAC. From a Wyo perspective, and I believe most front range schools, an add in Texas is fine. CSU and Air Force really want a Texas presence. TCU was a valuable member in the MWC and is missed. SMU is the preferred add but they are not joining and everyone knows that. UNT and UTSA are who I hear discussed most often. Tulsa and Rice get some mentions. I used to watch Don Haskins bring his great UTEP Basketball teams into Laramie so I have a soft spot for UTEP but I don't hear much support for them. We get a few ESPN games but most Wyo fans do not miss them as the main TV partner. Yes the exposure was a bit better but ESPN was famous for crappy game starting times. Local attendance suffered as ESPN wanted so many early AM, very late games, and weeknight games. Witness how the MAC sold its soul to ESPN and it has not really helped them. Home crowds are better with CBS and Fox while exposure is Ok. Boise fans might disagree with that but they have more ESPN coverage then the rest of the conference. MWC always seems to get 5-6 teams in bowl games and I don't think there is a real problem there. So many bowls these days. I post regularly on the MWC board and UNT is mentioned as an expansion candidate. Frankly, I don't think most MWC fans know much about UNT. Unlike Aresco, Thompson is quiet and works behind the scenes. Their management styles cannot be more different as conference commissioners.
  6. MWC TV deals are with FOX and CBS. Not an ESPN conference
  7. Just curious. The MWC has not lost any teams and is renegotiating a new TV deal soon. Negotiations may start in 2022 and be concluded by 2024 when the current deal expires. Most MWC fans think we will see a modest increase in TV money in the next deal as long as the conference remains intact. (looking at Boise). Why do so many post the MWC TV deal will go down? We have no clue what additions would do with riders and clauses in the contract though. Boise would like to move to the West and the Front range schools, mostly Air Force and CSU, would like more schools in Mountain and Central time zones.
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