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  1. If La Tech loses on road Wednesday night (which is very possible) and we win out (UTSA/UTEP) at home then we win the west.
  2. Looks like a team that has quit already! Wouldn’t be surprised to see a mass exodus after this year.
  3. I saw the game. Full roster. We have several kids that transferred here and only lost one to the portal last year. I do agree with you that McCasland’s team normally progress as the season moves forward but this one has digressed. The lack of fundamentals seem to be the most glaring part.
  4. We give multi-year extensions around here for average!
  5. Sorry I am not willing to accept 30 point losses after being told on this platform that this is one of JM’s better teams. We are a .500 team that has also given away 2 home losses to inferior opponents. This is what mounts most of my frustration. I do acknowledge that MT is a top tier program but they were picked 2nd and us 3rd. Shouldn’t be that much of gap, especially with the upper class we have.
  6. Apparently we aren’t as good as we thought. 30 point conference loss. Pathetic!
  7. UNT needs a solid closer on offense. Played hard but those missed FT’s cost them the game. Jemison for UAB is NBA ready!
  8. For the second straight week the wbb game has been postponed due to covid issues. This time it’s UAB.
  9. What the heck kind of Rona do they have in Houston? They’ve been in protocol since mid-December!
  10. My guess is no we won’t. Looking at the schedule I wouldn’t be surprised if we don’t end up playing them back to back. Feb 10 and 12th. Just speculation though.
  11. https://baylorbears.com/news/2021/12/26/womens-basketball-wbb-adds-game-vs-north-texas.aspx
  12. Great athletes on the team but the basketball IQ is lacking, especially at the end of games.
  13. It actually Southern, located in Baton Rouge. They are 2-6 but usually play a brutal non conference schedule for the $$$ and then do well in their conference. The fact we beat them by 16 and played probably our worst game this year, I’ll take it.
  14. This team may have something! Only losses are to Missouri State who is just outside the top 25 and UTA in overtime. UTA just beat #14 USF by 6 a couple of days ago. Very entertaining team. Get out there and support them.
  15. I believe they have a bye week after the La Tech game. If anything happens, look for it to happen during the bye week.
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