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  1. Anything at this point. This team is awful.
  2. This team is trash regardless who plays! I support this team, but its way past time to move in a different direction, SL has to be the worst coach in the division right now.
  3. Exactly! Good showing by the defense all things considering.
  4. Just glad this team has a qb worth a damn! He had some off throws, I will give you that, but being blindsided and not having the ability to step up in the pocket because our line couldn’t maintain a pocket isn’t on him. Receivers dropping balls is not on him. Let’s blame him for what he should be blamed for.
  5. Nah just an Asshole to people who are assholes to me! That’s kinda how life works doesn’t it? Get on board with Ruder or find a new team! Isn’t that what you asshats told me to do with Aune? What goes around comes around pal! I couldn’t even have an opinion without turds like you belittling me for it.
  6. I feel we finally have a QB and a defensive coordinator who isn’t trash! I haven’t felt this excited since Masons senior year.
  7. Some is chemistry, some is our receivers drop easy passes and some is our receivers can’t get separation.
  8. Our receivers outside of Burns were garbage including Jake Roberts, our line was so bad at keeping a clean pocket that Ruder couldn’t step into his throws which lead to back footed throws to create more space in the pocket, he was blindsided on his first INT. Our receivers and line better shape up!
  9. Dude you must be watching another game. Protection was so bad that Ruder couldn’t even step up and into his throws. His INT was a blindside hit which was not his fault, and glad this conversation is over, either get on board with Ruder or find a new team. That’s what I’ve been told here since joining. Jake Roberts dropped a wide open catch that was so bad that the announcer fried Him for it. Pass Blocking and receivers dropping balls were the biggest issues. Aune was 2 for 6, and wasn’t any better. I’m not asking you to beat to my drum, just get behind Ruder as you all told me in regards to Aune.
  10. UTEP is pretty awful. I think Bennett’s philosophy is give up 3 not 7, the times they did score it was off sell out blitzes. If your going to screw up, screw up big! All of this is a teachable moment! I have faith!
  11. Jake Roberts was wide open and dropped a ball, I get what your saying about Ruder but he will only get better from here, Aune was 2 for 6, he wasn’t much better. The real issue is our line blocking and our receivers dropping balls that extend plays. Receivers also need to get separation and they sucked at that too outside of Burns.
  12. Did you not see the box where it showed Ruder was a track star in high school? Bean had to run cuz his arm is garbage, dude labors to throw it 15 yards. And the proving is over he is our QB, time to get behind him.
  13. Very bend but don’t break on this game, but it’s the lowest amount of points allowed in a UNT opener under SL I’ll take it.
  14. We shall see next game, I have a feeling we go RPO heavy and we let Ruder run a bit.
  15. He wasn’t trying to run for a touchdown, he was just trying to get a first down. Kyle Shanahan preseason told Trey Lance not to show off his mobility during the preseason unless he is about to get hammered in the back field because he doesn’t want teams to have film on him, could SL be doing the same for Ruder? That offense was very vanilla.
  16. I get it! You love Aune and you were wrong about Ruder. Ruder when getting free in open field made a couple nice runs, one was a first down. The kid has wheels, I know you will never admit it, but you will see it next game, I guarantee we run more RPO against SMU. Why show what Ruder can do and give tape to SMUT? He was one of the highest dual threats coming out of HS and only has been with us 3 weeks. I’d be more worried about JT Daniels, Rattler, Ugilahiali and Howell severely disappointing on their first games. Our guy hasn’t played a game in 2 years, he will be fine. I don’t understand your comment about second string receivers. Guys like Jake Roberts really disappointed. What is it you told me when joining here? Get behind the starting qb or find a new team?
  17. If you compare him to Ugiliahili of Clemson, Rattler against Tulane, Sam Howell of UNC, those fans have a reason to be worried, they weren’t suppose to be that bad, our guy hasn’t played in two years and has just practiced with us for 3 weeks, watching Ruder run, I honestly think he’s almost as fast as Bean. I thin SL is really holding things back for our next game. I think things were vanilla for a reason. Aune was 2 for 6, I’m not exactly understanding how everyone is saying he was better than Ruder. Aune and Ruder have similar arm talent, but Ruder has wheels and Aune doesn’t. That’s the difference.
  18. What bothered me is that our pass protection was awful, I can’t blame Ruder for the first one, he was hit as he released and it came blindside. He didn’t see it. Our line can run block, but they need more work on pass pro! They need to line up the Murphy twins against the tackles all week long and make them practice pass pro.
  19. It’s not really an RPO college style unless you have a QB who can run and pass like Desmond Ridder. I know it’s tough for people to understand that Ruder brings aspects to our offense that is impossible for Aune to bring, but we will get there. Instead of hating Ruder let’s be more upset our line was awful at protecting Ruder and our receivers were awful at catching balls. Rattler dang near lost to Tulane. Let’s not get over worked up on Ruder he has been here only 3 weeks. First INT from Ruder he was rocked on the blindside and the second one the receiver couldn’t get separation.
  20. Addaway is better than Torrey! And Ruder is better than Aune, get use to it pal! Ruder is your qb! Cheer for him or get a new team, that’s what you guys told me! Preseason Howell was the Heisman Favorite. So was the kid at Clemson! Rattler could barely beat Tulane! I get your dislike for Ruder because you are an Aune apologist! Ruder is a head above heels better athlete than Aune, anyone who isn’t blind can see that Ruder brings aspects to the offense that Aune can’t bring. Mainly RPO. Before the season I said receiver drops bothered me and I was crucified for it! Receivers dropped at least five catchable balls that Ruder threw. Not to mention the pass pro from our line was awful. But you failed to mention any of that.
  21. My honest observations. 1) Run blocking was great the pass blocking was not great, guys were in Ruders face so he couldn’t step into passes in the pocket. 2) we played it vanilla because we are holding back for SMUT. Ruder has wheels and an arm. reminds me of Driscoll from FAU a couple years back, I see a lot of RPO coming, so why show anyone our new playcalls considering we have never had a real dual threat in a SL offense. 3) Torrey looked real good, glad he stepped up in place of Addaway 4) our receivers are dropping easy catches, was really disappointed in Jake Roberts, didn’t look as good as Pirtle to me. 5) Defense was bend but don’t break, but much improved 6) I love we have a DC that teaches all players what to do, not just the starters 7) We did what was needed to be done, walked out with the W! I’m excited to see how we open it up against SMUT. Call me crazy! I think we hang 30 or more on them. I have a good feeling. FOR OUR Fans Those who have downvoted me and made claims Aune is better than Ruder need to realize Aune isn’t better than Ruder and he will never start another UNT game again unless Ruder is injured. Hate him or love him, Ruder is the best QB to come to UNT since Mason left. If I am wrong I will own it. Ruder could have easily picked somewhere else to play. That being said! Kudos to SL for sticking with him.
  22. This sentiment I understand, regardless of who you support if it goes against the old guard you will get down votes on here. Doesn’t really bother me. As people told me! I will tell them, the same thing! Ruder is the guy! Get behind him or you aren’t a UNT fan. Aune when called upon looked decent. I just think SL was holding back the playbook because Ruder has legs and we could use him in RPO situations and don’t want to give that away just yet. Either way! I’ll take the win!
  23. Im more interested to see what Drummond can do, From the clips I see, the kid has a rifle for an arm, dont know much about his mobility though. I just dont want his redshirt being taken from him by playing him too many snaps.
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