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  1. I have a feeling Aune is leaving because Gunnell is finally getting a real shot to content for a spot, or he would have transferred too.
  2. Getting Svoboda was a game changer! I expect this year to be tough! Next year with the right talent could be a bowl year.
  3. Landon Sides just got an upgrade in scholarship offers! Anyone with a brain would choose playing in a p5 versus FCS.
  4. I don’t expect a lot in way of recruiting because he was hired late to the party, but his staff looks nice so far, next years recruitment class will be the telling sign. I like that Morris is showing that the status quo will no longer be tolerated! Music to my ears Aune is hitting the road. The guy would play till he was 50 if he had one more year of illegibility yet.
  5. If he gets a P5 starter offer it will be for a team as trashy as us. I would not offer a collegiate scholarship for. 30 year old.
  6. Aune wasn’t even better than Gunnell. Gunnell just never got a fair shaker neither did Head or Earle. SL lost his job for remaining the status quo and not taking risks. We knew 3 years ago Aune was not it and we failed to even try to unseat him. He was abysmal in games we needed him to show up in, and great in games we didn’t need him to show up in. Kudos to Coach Morris for ripping off the Band Aid! Outside of Busse and Guyton, Aune had the same people to throw to as Fine with a far better offensive line. Fine was running for his life 1/2 of the snaps. Wish the guy the best! Thank you for all you did! We need to move and glad you are doing the same!
  7. At this point being committed to a 30 yr old qb who hands off the ball 40 times a game is enough to be fired on. We are toast against teams who can stop the run, we live and die by it. Gunnell or Earle can’t be much worst than Aune, but if they come in and light it up after a full week of reps then it makes littrell look bad.
  8. It’s the area sunshine Trevor Lawrence is from.
  9. No one wants to watch a 30 yr old qb hand of the ball 50 times because he can’t throw. Have someone else hand it off!
  10. It’s obvious Harrell is the only reason our offense in passing was any good! He left and it went to crap over night, and he recruited fine, not littrell.
  11. Lol this guy makes Aune look terrible right now! Add insult to injury that the Murphy brothers may be 2nd and 3rd round picks in the draft.
  12. Whoever is disliking this comment is the very definition of a blind sycophant fan.
  13. Just to think we’d be winning Aune didn Throw two pick sixes! Teams gotta be excited to play Aune!
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