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  1. Hopefully Coach Passwaters is that guy. Hell, Ive had some players come to me and say they want images of them during games. All I would say to them was do something and I will find them and get their shots, guess what, it definitely motivated them.r Now apply that logic to a high energy guy who knows how to motivate and teach some of the best recruits in CUSA for the past 3 years. I cannot wait to see what these new coaches will do to get the best out of our players.
  2. Here's your connection. https://www.zola.com/wedding/matthewandmadeline20
  3. Well said!! The party is just getting started and its a great time to be a Mean Green fan!!
  4. Thanks for the info. I know Jace is gonna learn even more from one of the best offensive minds from Seth, who BTW was once the OC at NC. It looks like a perfect fit for both to be together.
  5. Thats also just typical Carolina fans who are passionate about their football as they remind me much of Texas.
  6. I agree, but you should never turn down an opportunity to get a 4 star talent, especially at QB. Hopefully we can still get that DL and LB positions with some strong upside taken care of soon.
  7. D-Will looks like a talented playmaker on both sides. Im excited and cannot wait to see him on the field. Great pick up.
  8. They will, just give them some time to develope under the new defense by Phil and the crew. We already know NT is a top notch scoring offense in CUSA, but the defense was the absolute worst in the conference. I believe they will start to improve immediately under Phil.
  9. He will be missed. I wonder if he may have felt that he didn't need to compete for the starting job next season. I did worry about his sideline behavior while not playing. I wish him well.
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