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  1. Wait, what?????? People change jobs every day & so do coaches.... Because of Better Opportunities.......
  2. And by the way, I have no I’ll will towards UNT or it’s fans, I train athletes that are currently at UNT AND I’m trying to get some of my trainees an opportunity to play for UNT.
  3. How anyone feels about another school is one thing, but using a keyboard to go in on kids because they’re not going where you want them to go is kind of lame. What’s wrong with “best of luck” ????? Again I’ve trained professional athletes to 9 yr old kids. And I’ve seen it on every level. Won’t say it to them face to face, but will on social media.......sad......
  4. Again, I’m not just defending Jayden Jones, I’m defending the obvious. I have no qualms with you or anyone else on this forum. What you’re saying about Parish parents & fans goes BOTH Ways.
  5. I saw earlier in this post “errors of his ways” I saw “ “with his track record”........
  6. What were the actions you were disappointed in? I was disappointed that TAPPS has enforced a mask rule & none of the MC parents nor coaches had one on. I was disappointed in the fact that there were MC parents working the chains and not wearing masks on the Parish sideline. This is a Varsity football game. Official referee’s are supposed to be the chain crew. I was disappointed in the fact that MC’s parents booed Parish for not shaking hands after the game because Parish wants to keep their players & coaches safe. I was also disappointed in the fact that no workers in the concession st
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