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  1. Charlie Strong is also around. Also w Texas ties, and has had success.
  2. Great, thanks !! Ill go to the top just to get away from people.
  3. I have never been to a UNT game. Obviously Corona changes things also. I just want to check out the game and sit away from people. Whats the best way to get tickets? Show up game day? But tickets on Stub hub? Thanks for any info
  4. UNT has loads of money, just terrible management UT has the same problem with way more money
  5. Those are cool ! One of the ,most iconic Unis in all of sports !
  6. The name of the team is MEAN GREEN. These are probably the least mean looking unis in all of college football. And they are ugly. The logo sucks, the colors suck. They should be dark green with black and not a terrible attempt to modernize the logo. The unis are the least of the problems, but since this is the discussion, these unis are horrible
  7. I don't see much outrage at all. That is extremely weak.
  8. Of course the actual play is whats important, but its all connected. You want guys that are hungry to win, and hate to lose. Those guys practice harder, and take the game more seriously, live their life to be the best. These guys show themselves with this behavior. They don't care. A little self highlight is more than enough to be thrilled about. I would have suspended guys for behaving like that. It bothers me when fans of programs accept a crappy program by saying "its who we are". Its bullshit, because you see all over the country teams do better with less resources
  9. As a new fan, it is clear the culture of this program is complete shit. It may seem like a little thing, but in my 40 plus years of watching football, I can't remember ever seeing a team celebrate like they did after scoring and still being down 35 points. Dancing around, pre planned handshakes and practiced chest bumps etc. That is a massive indicator that there are serious problems with this program. Ive seen bad stuff, but that stood out to me like nothing I can remember. This program is going nowhere with the kind of leadership that not only allows that to happen, but has guys wh
  10. When your team scores a TD still down 35 and they are dancing around like they won the super bowl, and doing their preplanned handshakes they worked on all week with big smiles on their faces. Disgraceful
  11. The Unis look like a Target or Walmart version of Oregons Unis. Terrible all around
  12. The most disappointing part of the game to me was when we scored a touchdown, still down 35 points and our guys are dancing around celebrating, doing pre planned hand shake deals etc. It just shows these guys heads ar e totally in the wrong place. That was embarrassing and disgraceful
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