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  1. Look what’s happening to Trask right now because his top 3 receivers quit on him. Makes him look bad because of those 3 selfish players.
  2. Need the man who brought the offense to UNT to be calling the plays.
  3. Aune will be fine, when throwing the deep ball that often there’s going to be more misses than hits. Once he gets settled in in the qb1 spot there will be more reps with the starting wr’s and the timing will get better. It truly is a 50/50 ball and the hardest ball to complete.
  4. Aune wasn’t bad tn but wasn’t that good, had some over throws but had some dimes. Now that i guess he’s the guy he will start to get better every week with timing not having to split.
  5. Like i said from the beginning Aune will be the guy who produces behind center.
  6. Hasn’t played in a live football game under the lights in 7 years. Spring games are not even close to the real deal.
  7. Aune’s deep was was right on the money, if the ball wasn’t in that perfect spot it turns into a jump ball.
  8. Aune has more skill, he hasn’t played football in 6/7 years so there’s some rust that needs to be knocked off.
  9. Aune can drive the ball on a line to any spot on the field, played in the minors for 6 years that arm is strong. Waiting to see if he gets his name called. Prob not after 3 bean td’s.
  10. Which is Wallis’s offense. Watched it for 2 years at Argyle same exact stuff.
  11. Will have to wait and see the smu game to see who the real starter is. Bean looks good but they are playing HBU.. WR have also been making it very easy.
  12. No need to fire an innocent man, too many people lose their careers and get their life’s ruined by this kind of stuff. Wait and see what the Evidence and final verdict say.
  13. This guy gets it, no there is no incidence nor has he been found guilty. And after court he will he found not guilty.
  14. People like you are the reason he will have a label on him even after he is found not guilty. Posting about things you have no idea about. If you just read the article you can see that there was no sex with a minor. Pitiful a$$ people
  15. Not having a starter this early can be a good thing and bad. Could be they are all doing really good and it’s a tough decision. #Aunne2020
  16. I would want “evidence” hard evidence that proves he was “quilty” not just a teenager who wants mother F’ing attention.
  17. I would ask what happened, when she said that it happened during practices and game i would say well how the hell has someone not seen this happen? Oh ok keep trying with more bs to make Wallis look bad. When he comes back after he wins in court.. And UNT starts scoring more and more and more then your whole narrative will Change and you will want him to stay.
  18. One girl said he did it, got 1 other girl to say it happened. Without any freaking hard evidence you can’t ruin someone’s life nor career over the word of 2 teenage girls.... For them it’s all about attention. There was 0 evidence nor did anyone see it. Therefore it didn’t F’ing happen. You think a coach will touch a girl on the sidelines during a practice or game and have nobody F’ing see it? Are y’all nuts or delusional? And to reportedly do it over and over without anyone seeing it? No players, no coaches, no other head trainer saw it. So what Do you think really happened here folks.....
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