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  1. Okay, you have my interest. Who all is in this conference?
  2. Thanks for being reasonable with me. I'm not very adept at the website so please bear with me as I respond to you point by point. To your first point, I see attendance as a symptom of a larger problem. I think SMU's worst problem is leadership. It's president was quoted last year about how it was okay to win one game a season but not to go winless. As though he were clever. That's why the stands are empty. I meant the cross-country AAC to only exist if things remain relatively stable. We're in agreement, these are very uncertain times. If things fall apart and we lose a season then there can be no predicting what comes. P5 for SMU is an interesting topic and to call it a longshot would be an understatement. That said, I only brought it up because I see it as the best path for North Texas to move up to the AAC. It's funny you should mention regional conferences. An SMU friend and I regularly discuss this sort of thing and he insists on their coming. For whatever reason I have a harder time seeing them come to pass, and not simply in an SMU-North Texas way. Maybe that's stubbornness on my part. I imagine part of why I have a hard time with it is I think a lot of the potential regional members in such a conference wouldn't be able to last. Texas State, UTSA, and UTEP would all be easy selections for such a conference but they're more likely to face financial ruin than anything. La Tech and Rice are the next best I suppose, but Rice hasn't cared since the '50's and I don't know about La Tech's finances Long story short, if regional conferences come to pass, at least for the AAC schools, it'll be because too many of their conference mates couldn't survive (I'm looking right at ECU and Tulsa).
  3. I don't normally look at this board, but I was curious if you were possibly talking about the upcoming SMU game. Sadly, I could not find such a thread, but I did find this one interesting and decided to post. Doubtless someone will call me a troll because they don't like what I'm posting. Facts are facts, though. 1. LEOPOLD IS A TROLL!! Or perhaps not very knowledgeable. An SMU fan who comes onto your board and proceeds to tell you that you're the next Boise State and also the key to a $25 million contract for the AAC ? All of that is incredibly unlikely. 2. It is in the best interest of SMU to not have North Texas as a conference mate. Imagine you were SMU. Would you be okay with taking a local competitor that could possibly surpass you? Look at how SMU has consistently mismanaged its athletic program over the years. I doubt any school in America has done less with more. But here's the thing, SMU knows they're bad. So why take another school that could string together a few good years and surpass them, both in the American and in getting into a better conference? It just doesn't make sense. 3. I could get into all sorts of talk about markets and and value and how he's just telling you what you want to hear, but I'll just leave it at this: based upon Leopold's assertion that if North Texas is a jewel SMU just won't be able to say no to because Methodists crave those crisp, crisp bills, why is North Texas not already in the AAC? There's presently an opening. And there's going to potentially be another when Tulsa inevitably drops. But to my knowledge there's not such much as an exploratory committee looking into North Texas because they aren't a real contender. So, after all of that, what happens to North Texas? Where is your future? Given the reality of the coronavirus and that A LOT of programs could shut down, that's hard to say. I'm not saying North Texas will shut down, on the contrary, I believe you will make it, but if a worst case scenario happened and 30 G5 programs drop football, that's a lot to imagine. For the sake of simplicity, let's say no one drops football though and things remain exactly as they are. If I'm SMU, it's in the best interest of my conference to add some combination of SDSU, CSU, and Boise State (the real one). This would do two things: help with the television contract and eliminate the AAC's closest competitor in the MWC. It's at this point that North Texas needs two things: 1.) Never, ever join the MWC. And 2.) Hope for SMU to get taken by someone else. If SMU moves up, you take their place. Will that happen? I have no inside knowledge and cannot say. Unlike Leopold, I'm not lying to you.
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