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  1. I don't care for the others but I hope Baylor gets booted to the Sun Belt.
  2. If the big 12 dissolves they will be the ones getting cherry picked. It's hard to call yourself a P5 conference if both OU and Horn leave the conference.
  3. A bit biased in your response. If you'd lived in the city for that long you'd know about C.T. Bauer. I think its ranked 65 among public universities. Maybe premier was a stretch but that wasn't my intention. Bauer is a good school and Cullen College of Engineering is breaking the top 50 soon. These are the programs the school is known for. But if you ask anyone about unt and they'll tell you they immediately think of fine arts. That's what i ment by premier program. Not anything to do with rankings. Not dig taken. C.T. Bauer is the premier program IMO. Not saying it's the best in the country just stating that's what we're known for. We also have a medical school coming. https://www.usnews.com/best-colleges/university-of-houston-3652 And I hope UH draws from Houston. Lol that would be embarrassing if we couldn't. I think most stay because of the 20 Fortune 500 companies in the area and of course we're a wide spread city with more job opportunities than you could ever apply for. We can debate about the p6 thing all day. I don't think we are but half of the conference is legit. Much like the big 12 , pac 12, or ACC. You take away 3 teams from either of those conferences and you get some really terrible football.
  4. No one in Houston cares about DFW like that man. Are you being serious right now? The best thing to come out of DFW is vanilla ice and it's been a minute. No one is worried about Horn, LSU or A&M. They're big brands I'll admit , but its Houston; I'd expect people to move to the business capital of texas after they graduate. I landed on this board by searching "Boise State to the AAC" on Google. And after hours(hyperbole)down the rabbit hole I found this little gem. I didnt come over to measure penises but some of you can't help but start crap and deserve the retaliation. I mean seriously, you call out houston fans for animosity and the first thing you do is go wild on a person who doesn't share all of your views on the AAC. For the Eagles without this false sense of persecution and unwarranted hostility, you're always welcome on our boards. The Holgerson and King thing is in the past for me. Sucks it didn't work out, but I'm truly unbothered by it. Some Coogs are still stuck on it but I've moved on. Plenty of talent on the roster to have a good season. At least better than the 4-8 record last year. 😂 *exhale*
  5. Being a school with a program and being a school known for something or a premier program at that particular school are two different things.
  6. Thanks for being civil. I just wanted to join some more expansion talk and people started throwing fecal matter everywhere. 😂 I will say when I visited Apogee last year most unt fans were pleasant. I'm smart enough to know this board doesn't reflect the entire population of unt supporters. Hope y'all win every game except the one in The Cage.
  7. Hey man at least they're replying and not voicing their disagreements by hiding behind the anonymity of downvotes. What's even more funny is that we've embraced the UNT fans who come to our board who have disagreements. Some folks here immediately go to name calling and hostility. It's rather childish and unbecoming of a group of people who claim others are trolling. Pot meet kettle.
  8. Lol you're right. The 3rd ward is real nice for those who aren't chicken sh*ts. Hope to see all you Lornhorn and Aggie tshirt fans at TDECU this fall. Don't be scared, it's no more of a threat than the meth heads that run all over little ole Denton.
  9. Seriously dude? Cougar High? Chill. You're not a Longhorn or an Aggie so I dont understand the reason for just tossing that around as if to suggest Unt is in that club. It's not. It's a fine arts school, not a engineering or business school like UH for crying out loud. Some of you guys wanted to get into UT and A&M and had to settle for UNT and that's fine; but don't pretend you can just call Houston Cougar High when it's not y'alls thing. It's the most wannabe-ish thing I've seen in a while. Regarding the post...he/she admitted that the AAC is not a P6 without Boise but more of a P5.5. I also don't think he's trolling. Seems like a guy who takes pride in the conference as he should. I don't understand the hostility.
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