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  1. Congrats on a great season and first NCAA tourney win! Tough game, Villanova was lights out tho and when that happens anyone else is going to have a hard road here’s to a happy offseason, Go Mean Green🍻
  2. @ADLER, that didn’t happen, the guy misheard something and corrected himself. There’s lots of speculation but who the hell knows. Everything from a ref who officiated our final Sunday who tested positive Monday(he’s in bad shape, hope he pulls out of this ok) to the hotel where both teams and officials stayed at. Why didn’t the other team test positive? Maybe because they paused earlier this season due to positives and didn’t get it now. or again who knows....I bet there are three more theories popped up as I type this! Just hoping it gets resolved not to point fingers but to know how to do be
  3. Ha! I couldn’t watch because I gotta sleep sometime (at work now) but looks like one helluva game! Congrats on taking down Purdue and judging by just the gamecast, you were in the whole game and killed in ot. Well Done!!
  4. Yep, cbssn and on YouTube.tv If you don’t have it I believe they have a 7 day free trial, took me about half hour to set up what with logging on the pc, getting it authorized on my Roku, etc. to watch on the big screen. Easy download app for iPhone, have to think android would be easy too. sorry if this has been answered already, just wanted to put it out there as soon as I saw your post:)
  5. Watched at work on my phone(yay for YouTube tv). Great D and great foul shooting, what a nail biter!
  6. Wouldnt be tournament time without me doing at least one drive-by! Congrats on taking down the pussycats 🤜🤛 Also, still livin’ in our heads:D Goood luck the rest of the way! https://www.vcuramnation.com/forums/threads/20-21-opponent-tracking.18761/page-294#post-1001201
  7. Hey all, just dropping by to say Congrats on taking the conference and good luck in the tournament! We haven’t forgotten, cheers!🍻 🙂 https://www.vcuramnation.com/forums/threads/the-official-beat-the-university-of-north-texas-mean-green-eagles-thread.18328/post-954484
  8. Good win! Congrats and enjoy:)
  9. We’re still watching, keep it up! Good luck tonight. Won’t be able to watch because I don’t have + but with the time difference I’ll be following the score with 🍺 in hand. Fun day today; VCU at noon, then conference 1 and 2 teams at 2pm. at 6, two ex-VCU coaches when Texas and LSU meet(Heart wants Texas, head says otherwise) cheers !
  10. Hey guys, VCU fan here- great game on your part! Friends, y’all started a bet on our board, the popular opinion is you will be a top 100 NET team come selection Sunday. Best of luck this season, go get it!!
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