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  1. As someone with tats and piercings, I 100 percent agree and am glad that the stigma has lessened thanks to the Boomers heading to the morgue while Gen X and millenials seize the majority of the workforce.
  2. 1. UNT has never won anything of significance. Winning 4 Sun belt chanpionships in a row and beating 3-9 Arkansas doesn't mean jack shit. Go 8-0 or better. 2. UNT has shot down anything athletics related for decades. You're fooling yourselves of you think that mindset changes overnight. 3. UNT does not know how to play politics at all. Most Texas legislators are UT, A&M and UH alums with the others thrown in there. Every SWC school to this very day gets a lot done through politics. Do you think UH gets a med school funded and secured, block UT from making a Houston campus, block A&M from building a Houston law school, file a cease and desist on South Texas school of law to keep them from changing its name to Houston College of Law, get the governor to advocate for us for the Big 12 and our billionaire BOR President who also owns the Rockets to openly make political threats with no reprecussions by playing nice? Also our AD openly said that we don't and won't approve of most G5 schools trying to take UConn's spot in the AAC. There's a reason why UH has a special clause in the AAC contracts. UNT is a political pushover, always has been. 4. UNT football isn't very interesting. They finally have a face of the team in Mason Fine only for it to all be pissed away in 2018 and 2019. Hindsight is 20/20 but UNT did a big disservice to Mr. Fine by not redshirting him after the 2-2 start. Fix these problems and UNT will get more love.
  3. Word on the rumor mill is that an alternative white uniform, with a green helmet and a white squirrel logo is in the works.
  4. 60k stadium sold out on ABC during prime time. You'll never see this level of legitimacy in CUSA. Best of all, Memphis and SMU may not even be the best teams in the AAC since there's 5 Top 25 caliber teams this year.
  5. I need NCAA 21 in my life. Also its not like money is an issue for any P5 or AAC school anyway since there are lots of high money donors and major city or statewide markets. Onviously theres gonna be a limit on what players can legally bring in.
  6. Should've redshirted Fine after the 2-2 start.
  7. If Tune's hamstring wasn't still in recovery mode and was mobile like he was in the UNT game, we woulda won.
  8. No you clown. Case was forced to redshirt in 2006 because he had a season ending injury his senior year at Wylie which kept them from winning their 2nd state title in 3 years. He came to campus still recovering. He had a season ending injury early in 2010 also. Because both 2006 and 2010 were documented with injuries, that's how his 6th year was granted.
  9. Fine should've redshirted after the 4th game.
  10. If we're tanking then we're doing a terrible job at it. All I'm gonna say is that Murphy is a headcase and he's obviously not telling the whole story.
  11. Joshua Brown, key witness in the case that secured a conviction was gunned down in Dallas last night. That's way too much of a coincidence.
  12. Ryan, Guyer and now Denton High's resurgence puts out tens of D1 caliber players every year yet UNT almost never offers any of them
  13. I'll go ahead and say it. It shows that a cop can bust into someone else's home, shoot first and ask questions later with pretty much no consequences. She should have gotten a life sentence easily. Dallas let a nation down today.
  14. I knew the game was won as soon as Carr broke off for that 68 yard td on our very first drive. Littrell going for 2 the 2nd time in a row plus the numerous 4th down conversion attempts despite being in negative territory spoke that he was intimidated and had no faith in the defense whatsoever. If I felt that from behind the TV screen then obviously Holgerson and the rest of the team most definitely felt that.
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