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  1. Very reminiscent of Jeff.... Not the same body type really, but both run hard, can change direction on a dime, hit the proper hole & that burst 👀... neither are track stars but football fast... there’s no doubt we’ve been spoiled by great RB play for the better part of the 2000’s..
  2. LOL win a conference title & it be a disappointment?? You realize that hasn’t happened around here in a long time.... win out & it’d be one hell of a season... a lot still to play for, man up & go to work
  3. Fine’s SR year, the always changing landscape of college coaching & a metroplex rival that you haven’t beaten in their house since the Millard Fillmore admin...... smells like the closest thing to a must win. Very much needed game imo, but what I love is great talent & a good team on paper means lofty expectations... let it fly, live up to the hype
  4. Meh, by all accounts Khairi has been nothing but a great captain & teammate...... “He that is without sin, let him cast the first stone”
  5. Fog machines & lights for team entrance?
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