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  1. Saw that. 49ers beat them by 38, so if Jeff was playing he would've scored knowing him
  2. So with all of the talk of Seth's head, I have a funny story about Coach McCarney after he got fired. So I was working at this job site that Monday after he got fired, and down the street I see a oldish man with shorts and no shirt riding his bike. I got a closer look and realized it was McCarney. He was riding his bike in circles for about 3 hours, and it was so funny to see. I was about to go over and ask him a question, but I thought no it's too early lol I would guess if SL gets the axe, he would be cashing his check and flying to So Cal
  3. I've listened to that podcast since early 2018, and they overhyped us a lot. Not just the record but the players. The only thing that they were worried about was LBs, and they are the surprises on the defense as the DBs are the opposite. Also injuries can hurt predictions
  4. Prime example is Tony Mitchell. Projected to be lottery, but Benford and the overall team was just bad. When you go 5-7 or in basketball 12-22 after being projected to finish 1st and you get injured, your draft stock sinks. Luckily Mitchell was just a freakish athlete
  5. But we'll be getting money from TAMU and Wisco, so SL can maybe upgrade his jet
  6. Arizona just fired their DC. Is that a sign????? Also if this firing would happen, I think Yellock would be the replacement. Seems more realistic because it seems Jennings didn't coach our DBS on how to turn around
  7. But he also refers to himself and coaches. Really most of the losses in the past few years, he's said "Us coaches will get corrected, and we will all get better" BS
  8. Erik Williams (the highest rated recruit we have) is a very promising OL, but thats about it for DL/OL.
  9. Just pay some transfers like SMU, and we're set for a while. We'll get College Gameday and Primetime ABC
  10. It was like a short speech. Also the sideline reporter Zac Babb said, "The Mean Green seemed more energized than they have this year.. A lot more jumping around, and a lot of chatter." I call BS. Sure you can be "energized", but overall that was the most flat game I've seen. Not as bad as SMU, but pretty bad
  11. No no. I know Bill and hes a big Mean Green fan. Just weird why he would say that.
  12. Don’t forget that Aaron Jones has like 300 rushing yards
  13. Twitter. I was talking about Renfro and how good he is, and this guy says he’s not worth it and other stuff. His mom and a few others jumped in
  14. Mason has to be lying. I bet he doesn’t feel good like he says he does every time. He’s getting hit 20 times a game.
  15. That is a dream that will happen probably never
  16. Cole should be in the NFL right now. So many teams (mainly Dallas) are having kicker fits. Hedlund would do fine
  17. nah I have a good feeling on what Coach Mac has done. They got some really solid JUCO guards, and more height and depth. They should finish in the top 4
  18. Unlike Mason, Mahomes is having that season. Also the Chiefs O line is banged up really bad, and Mahomes has been getting hit more often. Now Fine gets hit multiple times a game, but that irrelevant
  19. Yeah same. I was so heated Saturday, but I have a good feeling that we can beat MTSU!
  20. I say 15k, and no no Frank sucks and TAMU gives us money in which we need. We are already losing 2 games in UH and TAMU so
  21. Don't get me started on Benford and that year. Well HE RUINED TONY MITCHELLS NBA CAREER
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