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  1. No better time to start then in a bowl game. Besides Tech winning nothing would make me happier this bowl season then seeing UNT beat App. St. Their fans on the CUSA board are insufferable.
  2. UNT 35 Appy St. 20 App. St. is nothing to fear this year. Play disciplined and don't commit stupid penalties and you have a good chance to win. They're going to try and bait you. Don't take the bait and play disciplined.
  3. Buck up UNT fans. Listen to some ol' country to make you feel better. Louisiana Saturday Night
  4. No not trying to be hurtful. Glad we're in a conference together. I was worried about the game tonight considering how long it's been since we last played. Glad to get the win and love playing in the metroplex! Glad to have a game against TCU next week and hopefully we'll get the win!
  5. Good game UNT! Glad you're in CUSA. Glad to get the win after not playing in a month. Hopefully we can beat TCU on the 12th.
  6. Good Morning UNT fans! Here's a great video to start the day with! LA Tech beats North Texas with Last Second Blocked Field Goal Attempt
  7. I had to log in and post a reply to Side Show on this. I love your enthusiasm for UNT Side Show but there's no way in hell Coach Holtz is leaving Tech for UNT. Like untjim1995 stated he has enough money. Legacy is what matters at this point to Coach Holtz. He can continue to build upon his HOF coaching career at Tech. There's no way Coach Holtz leaves Tech for any G5 school and I doubt he would settle for just any P5 school at this point in his career too. The only way Coach Holtz leaves Tech for another G5 school is if something happened to sour the relationship he currently has with the
  8. LA Tech beats North Texas with Last Second Blocked Field Goal Attempt This is the rival! Looking forward to seeing everyone in Ruston this year. It was so sweet to leave Apogee that night after the win. So many UNT fans in disbelief, oh what a night! Full Highlights Good show of sportsmanship by Coach Holtz at 3:25. The only thing he was concerned about after the game was Mason Fine. He's looking around going where is Mason at. Mason was pummeled that game by Jaylon Ferguson and Coach Holtz was concerned about him.
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