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  1. "Blessed to receive 1st Team All District 6A and 2nd Team All Metro 6A DE! It is an honor to receive these awards for my first year playing defensive end" Not bad for a walk on. GMG
  2. The video I saw showed some promise on the defensive side of the ball. He showed some good closing speed in' taking down ball carriers. GMG
  3. (AC DC) Alternating Current/ Direct Current electricity or the band? I'm confused.
  4. Good stuff. Appreciate your hard work coaches. GMG
  5. I'm pretty sure it depends on the type of scheme you are running. This will vary the size of the O--lineman many times. If you are running a passing offense with zone schemes many times the OL are in the 270 to 300 range.If you are in a more run based offense, you get more bulldozers and OL with size. The passing schemes rely on quickness which results in a bit smaller quicker lineman. Please chime in if I am way off on this, I could be. I do know we definitely need to get better on both sides on the line, though. That we agree on. GMG
  6. Perhaps at least he remembers us recruiting him. That could mean something to him. You never know! Gotta give it a shot. GMG
  7. How does the Mean Green faithful feel about the QB position going into 2020? Do you look forward to the ensuing battle between incoming candidates, or do you think a JC player or graduate transfer should be scooped up? I look forward to your thoughts. I personally think Bean will surprise the Mean Green faithful. GMG
  8. How much we guessing if you had to put a number on it? GMG
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