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  1. The Rivals and SB Nation sites have more activity for K-State than goEMAW. But yes, GE is olldddddd.
  2. Holy shit finally some information. That's great news for y'all. Also explains why there was increased chatter about Mike Norvell late last night on the K-State boards. Your AD must have an awesome relationship with Littrell.
  3. I'm all for all types of BBQ except for that mustard abomination they make out in the Carolinas. I just wanted to stir something up. As far as a ban, this is how I want it to happen.
  4. Burnt ends are great for sure. I was just trying to get some non-sports related banter going since this coaching search seems to be exhausting for both fanbases. I agree it shouldn't need sauce, but if you do use sauce it should be complimentary to the flavors already present in the meat and smoke, not overpowering.
  5. I know how we could maybe get it there, but it's non-coaching carousel related... KC BBQ >>>>> Texas BBQ
  6. It's not really about what the fans believe though, is it? The real question (if SL is bound for K-State) is does Seth Littrell believe he can make K-State into a powerhouse football team, win against other high-level quality teams in the conference, and out recruit Texas/Oklahoma?
  7. 2003 was not a Co-Champion year. Where are you seeing that it was a co-champion year by conference rules? Are you thinking of 2012? So K-State has one outright conference title and one shared title.
  8. For the record, TrimGoEMAW spends most of his time on GoEMAW.com and those guys use most of their energy trolling people. Not a good representation of most K-State fans and I hope y'all are able to keep the train rolling down there in Denton. I'm partial to UNT due to my domination with the Mean Green on NCAA '14.
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