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  1. K-State may have the resources for a top tier coach but it wouldn’t be financially prudent. Especially the optics of it. Even legends are gambles. K-State has poured $200 million into the football facility in the past couple years. And are planning another $230 million in other facilities. So financial support is there. That being said if they gambled on a huge name and lost it would be crippling. Not just in lost money but in lost future money from donors, etc. as they try to build/upgrade more facilities. I don’t think there is anything wrong with realizing the resources of the blue bloods are not available and strategically trying to continually finish in the top three of the conf in all sports and occasionally win a conf championship which by proxy leads to even bigger opportunities. Which is exactly what they do. In all sports.
  2. Hence the appeal of Littrell to those in power at K-State. The turnaround at N. Texas is awesome, but just as appealing is the recruiting connections in Texas. Some K-Staters are asking similar questions that those on this board are asking.....why not a bigger name? But, Littrell has a unique package including turning a program around, recruiting in Texas and being from Kansas' next door neighbor, Oklahoma, which would give him a unique perspective on the support base around K-State (including most importantly the significant booster base from Western Kansas farmers).
  3. K-State actually has a winning record vs. Texas (10-9) and won five in a row from 2006-2012. Agreed, following a legend is tough, but the ambassador position is largely symbolic and the first time Snyder retired he had little to no involvement in the football program. And that was when he was 65 as opposed to 80. I would anticipate the same this go round. It won't be a problem. Living up to the expectations however, could be.
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