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  1. Recap of the last 60 hours: It WAS Littrell Littrell tried to get his OC $1.2million Gene laughs Littrell is serious Gene says eff off 4pm yesterday KSA approves contract for new coach Everyone assumes it’s Littrell Gene schedules an event for Today at 4pm. I’m really disappointed guys. I was on the Littrell train. I’m happy you get to keep your coach. I sure hope your OC never leaves before Seth does. To pass on a $4.1M offer either takes balls of the self realization that your coordinators are the reason for your success. Good luck in your bowl.
  2. Live from my mommy’s basement. It’s official. Sorry, not sorry.
  3. Why do you think SL is unproven? If he was so bad, wouldn’t you be begging to get rid of him?
  4. No, OU will look at him and say, “If he can do that at KState, he’ll make us the new Alabama”...because it’s OU and they will never believe that they wouldn’t offer him a better opportunity to win NCs.
  5. You missed the part where no one at that level seems to want to follow Snyder. Additionally, you must not have seen the post about how much tv money we’ve socked away. Were 45th in budget because we only offer the minimum amount of sports required. The fact we’re not 95th in budget should tip you off...because there are that many more schools that offer more sports than we do and need more money than we do to operate. We are top five since 2012 in annual surplus. We have Scrooge McDuck TV money, sorry you’re in CUSA, but life isn’t fair.
  6. If he can’t get KState back into the top 4/5 of the B12 (where we have been since the B12 was formed) then he will never coach at OU. If he does get us back there, he will coach wherever he wants. If he leaves we will spent a lot of money to replace him with a guy who thinks they can take us beyond. If SL takes us beyond that, we can make him a top 10 paid coach and get his assistants to top ten paid coordinators.
  7. There are two answers to you question: 1. There are a handful of coaches we can afford but have flat out stated they won’t follow Snyder. 2. We need a guy that can prove someone other than Snyder can win in Manhattan. We don’t need a guy to come in and start taking down Oklahoma. That would be great, but the truth is the coaches that could fit in to the first category. We need a guy that can modernize our recruiting department and go bowling every year. Littrell seems to be a guy that could do that for us. If he comes in and does that, bigger schools will come calling in 3-5 years and THEN we go after a guy who sees the great things Seth did at KState but believes he could take us even further. We’ll pay Seth $3.5-4million a year and add a few million to the assistant/recruiting pool on a five year contract. We’ll pay the next guy $6million+ to win championships. If Seth out performs and starts winning championships, we’ll pay him to keep him instead. Seth is a win win for us, if he can perform.
  8. I’d like to clear up K-State’s financial picture real quick. We have seperated our Athletic Department from the University. They are one of less than a handful of schools that don’t receive money from the University, infact give money to the University, and the employees of KSA are not State employees. We have been ending the year with a $5-19 million overage since 2012. In the latest available 990 (2016) we have $78millon in our reserves which were built up knowing we would have to come large when Snyder retired. NONE OF THIS IS DONOR MONEY. It is all from our football tier 1,2&3 rights. So if you think we can’t afford Littrell, I’m sorry to disappoint. We have positioned ourselves to be able to swing for the fences for a new coach...twice. We saw what happened down the road at KU and we’re not going to let that happen here.
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