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  1. ^^^^^^^^^^^This^^^^^^^^^^^ not just his son,!
  2. Congrats and good luck in the future! Ill be a Mean Green fan going forward. No hard feelings, but KC BBQ>>>>Texas BBQ
  3. Its all subjective and opinion, That being said you're wrong. KC BBQ>>>>Texas BBQ. But being 100% honest if I was stuck only having one or the other I wouldn't starve or even complain.
  4. Message board tracking flights said one went from Dallas area to Tulsa then to Manhattan. Supposed Seth sighting in Manhattan. But all hearsay, but my A+ source that has always been 100% dead on told me last week this was in the works, But they were a few days off on retirement and Seth being announced so I assumed some issues came up.
  5. That's an old KU football joke. Or the old but goody: how many Jayhawks does it take to tackle Darren Sproles? we don't know yet! Or several others not fit for a rated PG board.
  6. He's basically from the Fry- Snyder- Stoops tree. Played for Bob a Snyder disciple. Along several other K-State coaches at OU, the went to KU as a grad assistant with 3 other former K- State coaches with Mangino. Then was at Arizona with Mike Stoops and 3 other K-State coaches. Every where he's went and was in charge of the offense they sucked when he got there and were very good then sucked when he left. Arizona, Indiana, and North Carolina. He has obviously improved your offense. He's 40 and has several years as a player and coach in the big 12. He can recruit Oklahoma and Texas. He appears to be a fit personality wise to K-State. seems to be obsessed with the game. No nonsense straight talk. Doesn't have that snake oil salesman personality a lot of coaches do. I think some think he is going to be a great coach given the opportunity.
  7. Why should we hire a legend? Our last legend wasn't a legend until several years after we hired him. Actually the first win on the last second play against North Texas gets replayed about 100 times a year on videos about Snyder. That one ranks right up there.
  8. In 27 years Snyder won 9 or more games 14 years, and had 6 top 10 finishes, 2 big 12 titles, 4 north division champions, 19 bowl games. As far as Texas Snyder is 7-5 despite losing his last two, last year at Austin in OT when are starting QB went down in the first half and this 19-14. Counting Prince we've are 9-5 in our last 14 against Texas. He's 8-16 vs OU and has beaten them in Norman in 2012 and 2014 and lost to them last year in Manhattan in OT. We've been ranked number 1 in the nation several weeks and had college game day in Manhattan 2-3 times. You make it sound like we've been 7-5 and never beaten anyone. we beat USC twice, one season when they finished #4 in the country. Texas when they were #4 in the nation , UCLA twice, Michigan, Tennessee when they were ranked. Had several 11 win seasons. I don't think we are who you think we are, and I don't think if you'd tell Seth he couldn't do the same he'd believe you.
  9. I wouldn't say complete trash, but obviously number wise its tough if KU is doing well or kids are getting poached by out of state schools which is happening now, OU and ND have been getting a lot of Kansas kids and KC area kids. Several Kansas kids during the Snyder era are NFL players that did pretty well. Jordy Nelson, Darren Sproles, BJ Finney, Terrance Newman , Cody Whitehair, Mark Simoneau, Jordan Willis, Josh Freeman, Ryan Lilja all recent NFL players from Kansas and the KC area. The issue is finding the diamonds in the rough and keeping in state kids home because theres just not enough to sustain a D1 program if youre losing most to KU or out of state schools
  10. The Wolford deal was just a former player and teammate of his that had a write-in campaign type of deal on social media. I doubt he is a serious candidate.
  11. Sorry I misread the post. I thought it was SLs dad.
  12. I asked about the late season struggles and got a lot of he had one foot out the door and didn't have his head in the game, he was looking for a payday , from several posters and finally one poster said his dad had cancer. Which I can see having a affect on his concentration. And if that is the case , is it a far stretch that the guy might want to get a BIG 12 job with a big payday and show his dad he made it before , god forbid something happened to him? These guys are just people , can you really blame the guy if that's the case?
  13. I honestly hope this works out for both schools. I hope you find someone who will get you CUSA championships and I hope SL works for us. Good luck in the future.
  14. Question, you guys start out on fire and go 6-1 and curb stomp teams like SMU and Arkansas, then struggle the last 5 games. Lose to ODU and have a couple close games to some bad teams. What happened at the end of the season?
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