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  1. Rice beats MTSU by 31 to 28. They are getting better just as we get ready to play them.
  2. I believe we did them at Fouts Field when we played Army and Navy.
  3. I think the students missed a real opportunity by not naming The Albino Squirel to the Homecoming court. Well, maybe next year .....
  4. SMU sucks more than Stormy Daniels.....
  5. I hope Memphis beats the piss out of them.
  6. In the 1950s North Texas and U of H were both in the Missouri Valley Conference. They left and moved up to better things. We didn`t.....
  7. That really good news. It does not always end that well with neck injuries.
  8. Coogs and Tulne are tied at 28 early in the fourth quarter. They just ran an add for NORTH TEXAS football and how to get tickets for the game next week against Houston. Our athletic department is hustling, folks.i
  9. Huff


    Last year I was told by a UNT staff member that they had a lot of interest in that event and that they sold a bunch of tickets to people who had interest only in the wrestling . Who knew.....?
  10. I would have taken Mason AND our good receivers out at the start of the fourth quarter. By that point the result of the game had been decided and we were just practicing vs guys in different colored jerseys. We need to get some young guys some reps to start getting them ready for the future.
  11. There is a great story - with two color pictures - on the front page of today's Ft. Worth Star-Telegram sports section. Someone smarter than me can post a link to it. The story is well written and gives some great publicity to Mason and UNT.
  12. This story also lists all the amounts for all the Guarantee Games this season. Some of them are pretty significant.
  13. Jim, I agree that it was a great series and our two trips to West Point were among the best we have ever done. Having said that, I believe that ship has sailed and that we will not be playing them in the future.
  14. The timing stunk but I am glad that he got out before his brain was scrambled or his knees were so damaged that he could not walk right.
  15. Rain will not stop practice but lightning will. Just think, next year with our new indoor facility even lightning will not be a factor.
  16. It would be nice if some of them could be used on an exterior wall of the new indoor practice facility as a bridge to our past.
  17. Two years in West Dorm when it was bright, shiny, new, and a long walk to the rest of the NTSC campus. A while at some apartments called University City then the Phi Kap house on Scripture Street. I then got married and we lived in some less expensive (some would say "cheap") apartments throughout Denton. Our first was on Welch Street in a place that should have been condemned and demolished years before we lived there. Once the new Mrs. Huff saw the size of the cockroaches there she "strongly suggested" that we find another place ASAP. No Roach did not touch those things and I am not sure that napalm would have done the trick, either. Mrs. Huff had lived in Marquis Hall prior to our marriage and I suspect she tried to work a deal to go back there after she saw the size of those cockroaches. Fortunately (for me) that was not an option.
  18. I don't know about anybody else, but if they announce that they are going back to orange seats, I am out of here !!!
  19. They were The Arlington State Rebels at one time. They have had almost as many name changes as we have.
  20. Our daughter, grandson, and a friend went to the game. Grandson got his picture made with Keegan.
  21. I believe the press release from the athletic department listed a 2:30 kickoff.
  22. I knew him when we were students. I always thought he was a good person in addition to being a good player. I was sorry to hear of his death
  23. Today`s Fort Worth Star-Telegram says that he is joining the coaching staff at TCU. I wonder why he is not returning to LSU.
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