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  1. 10 minutes ago, Andrew said:

    Only one was his fault but I can tell why players might not wana come here… y’all are always on the hunt for the negative. Sure there is some negatives and we have a lot of work,  but Aune had a decent game. I wouldn’t want to play QB for the team with fans like you…

    Ouch!  Been a MGSF donor since 1982!  It is a team sport but something needs to give!

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  2. If SMU goes to ACC, teams like UNC, Clemson, Duke will not stay. Florida State doesn’t want to play SMU.  Clemson doesn’t want to play SMU. They can get Texas or A&M to play and have 100,000 fans!

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  3. What Administration needs to recognize it all starts with football. If we are average in football we will average 19,000 fans. Schools like Memphis and ECU will eat our lunch. We will be in last place in football and mediocre in all other sports vs all other American teams. 

    Hope I am wrong!  #GMG

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