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  1. Well most of them: a) didn’t go to UT b) have micropenises …so I don’t see the relevance.
  2. Frankly, what’s good for the system is good for us. A few folks acting like clowns in this thread…
  3. Maybe they had to overcome poor coaching?
  4. This was as close to a layup as you could get, and we still blew it.
  5. I agree. UNT had no business being blown out today.
  6. I think I’m ready to move on. It’s not that we lost; it’s that it wasn’t even competitive against a dog of a team. That’s unforgivable.
  7. Keeler is 62 years old. He isn’t going anywhere.
  8. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if Ruder was the only current QB on the roster to return. Aune is leaving, Drummond is not a real starting prospect, and Martin/Gilmore need to be at the FCS or D2 levels. The QB depth chart needs to be rebuilt. If Ruder wants to stick around and compete with the newcomers, that’s terrific.
  9. FFS people. Fuente isn’t coming here, Patterson is past his expiration date, and Holtz is a bum. Seth is coming back. He earned it. This team will be stacked next year. We really are one quarterback away from greatness. Enjoy the ride, and quit dreaming of ways to make things worse.
  10. The road to success got just got real hard for BK.
  11. Meh. 15 years past his peak. And kind of a scumbag human being.
  12. That’s a brutal job for anyone. Let alone Jerry Kill… I feel sorry for him. Clearly he does not know what to do with his life other than coaching.
  13. None of them would come here. Not even Bill O’Brien.
  14. Don’t be silly. He’s talking to his team through the media. “Don’t take this for granted.”
  15. Has anyone considered that much of our young, talented roster may hit the transfer portal if SL is relieved of his duties? The young talent is growing and developing every week. For this reason, I think he gets another year to prove it or lose it. I do think the UTSA outcome will tell the tale, one way or another. If it plays out like UAB and Marshall, the decision will be apparent.
  16. Are we talking about our inevitable Big 12 membership?
  17. They will pick Boise State, Colorado State, San Diego State, Memphis, UNLV, and maybe Wyoming before they ever consider you.
  18. No shit Sonny! It ain’t happening. Never, ever, never.
  19. That won’t change in Fort Worth either.
  20. Wren isn’t nearly effeminate enough to live/work in Miami.
  21. 54?! So, so young. Poor guy. Does anyone know what happened?
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