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  1. Just a heads up, nothing finalized. I'm sure they'll increase his pay as well as his buyout. (P.S. LET'S GO DALLAS STARS!)
  2. Shoot. I didn't even look for where WKU was in the standings, y'all are right. My B.
  3. Soooo we need either Southern miss or UAB to lose, right? Southern Miss is destroying UTEP so that's not going to happen. Only hope right now is that UAB chokes. We'll see.
  4. Like someone above me mentioned, with students being on break I'm sure attendance will bump back up once they return and word gets around to those who don't normally pay attention.
  5. Man, this feels like a huge victory. I know Littrell isn’t the main reason for UNT’s success but he has seriously helped. The fact that he had leverage over K-State while being the head coach at UNT speaks volumes. Seriously. This says something big to recruits, coaches, and college football as a whole. UNT is NOT a joke. You can’t punk us! This really is New Denton. While we’re still climbing the hill, let’s take a moment to really enjoy this. This is how I’m talking about my mean green today: As for next Saturday: “can’t wait”
  6. @BlackCats I am really curious to know how you get your information. Would you mind informing us as to why you are so sure?
  7. Yep. There's so much going on in terms of rumors and sources. There's really no way to tell what's going on right now.
  8. What a steal. Hopefully this gets funded well and students show up big time.
  9. Much appreciated. Very classy of you to put this out here.
  10. You know what would be really funny/frustrating is if Littrell has no idea about any of these rumors and hasn’t been contact by anybody. Like he pops on twitter later today and sees all the speculation and thinks “I leave for TWO days and everything falls apart!”. Lol I mean I’m sure he has an idea that he’ll be courted soon by K-State (if not already) but man, how dumb would we feel it this were the case lol. I do think there is some honest truth here though. We literally still don’t know anything. Everything is still “per inside sources”, which means nothing until it comes from the horses mouth.
  11. WB and the President are the best things to happen to UNT in forever. If they stick around, we will be relevant. I really hope they both do. Pay Wren well.
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