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  1. False. Every reputable voice in college football views the AAC as the superior G5 conference.
  2. Yeah exactly. We would have to somehow prove that the rivalry enhancement would generate a crazy amount of revenue for the conference... as well as SMU. We would have to convince them DFW can be a Los Angeles. i.e. USC and UCLA in the Pac-12.
  3. Our biggest case to being added is convincing them that it will enhance our rivalry with SMU. But I feel like that is unfortunately a long shot.
  4. UH? Couldn't agree more. SMU? SMU is a dying brand that will never ever ever reachieve success. SMU's 12 fans might look down on us, but at least we're continuously on the rise. The TV networks will see this sooner or later. We just gotta keep winning. And we will see how we fare against UH in the next few years...
  5. This is a hot take if i've ever read one. I truly believe, if we are able to sustain the success we are experiencing out through 2025-2026, we would leap over schools like Tulsa and Memphis and definitely NIU. Tulsa and NIU don't have the market, and Memphis is only really relevant in basketball, and they haven't produced that well recently. If those schools got in with the Big12 leftovers before us, I will be incredibly disappointed. Also, give me death before you put us in a conference with Texas State.
  6. I will transfer if they take MY sub hub
  7. A LOT of disrespect in the Baylor forum. Lets flood it like K-State did to us. https://sicem365.com/forums/2/topics/40051/1
  8. i don't see how this new format helps at all
  9. Maybe if they sold UNT BB jerseys...........
  10. We might not have been able to capitalize on the opportunity that the OU game presented us, but I was at the game and ....those jerseys were beautiful. The question is, where can I get one? UNT does a very poor job at providing official jerseys for sale in all sports. I would love to buy that green basketball jersey as well as a nice looking football jersey, not the crap they sell that look like green versions of the Cowboys jerseys they sell at Albertsons (attatched below). I feel like providing official replica jerseys would do wonders in expanding out brand. Hell, they create walking billboards. Plus, you buy a kid a jersey like that when he or she is young, they might just become a fan for life.
  11. I met Wren for the first time last week, all I can say is he is VERY confident that this is our year!
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