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  1. I think this forum is a good place to call out the National Anthem at the New Mexico bowl. If you weren't there, this may have been a top 3 highlight besides the TDs. The audio system was acting up as the army sergeant I think (apologies if that isn't correct) was singing. At some point the static and cut outs totally quit, leaving it up to the crowd to pick up the slack. It wasn't a bunch of mumbling, instead it seemed like everyone on both sides of the stadium all joined in and sang like a fine tuned choir. And instead of a bunch of complaining and quick remarks about the audio guy at the end, the whole place applauded each other for a job well done. It was my best star spangled banner experience, ever. Thanks.
  2. I'm torn. Obviously we want the team focused on the current game and to trust the process, everyone do their jobs and the wins will come and the 100 other phraes. But,,,, I can't forget the "woodshedding" we got twice last year. So I am hoping the coaches are preparing, scheming etc. on how to win the FAU game right now. I'm watching a game between 2 group of 5 teams from FL because it impacts UNT. Not something I was doing just 2 yrs ago. Thanks coach. GMG.
  3. 5 of us, leaving Saturday morning. Staying at Ft Smith Holiday Inn that night. Will try to make the team send off from their hotel at 12 but not likely. Will probably try the baseball parking lot for parking. Excited about taking my 5 yr old to a large . Apogee is great but SEC stadiums are impressive. If you see a young one running around, sporting eagle wings, say hi.
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