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  1. I don't understand how you watch the last 2 years as a HS defensive player and come away with ever entertaining an offer from UNT. The defensive units we've been trotting out on the field have been some of the worst displays of defense I've ever seen at the college level. No hyperbole. And at this point, with this much of a sample size, I put it all on the shoulders of Seth Littrell. He should be losing sleep at night for just how unprepared he's made these group of kids. I feel so frustrated and sad for the players, because we have legitimate talent! But time after time after time, nobody looks confident or ready to play on the defensive side of the ball. And it starts with the HC in charge.
  2. Anyone have 2 tickets to the SMU game this weekend? Looking for alternative seats or a better deal apart from StubHub's options.
  3. @aztecskin Thanks for the context and resources, feel like I've learned a lot. Your content over at meangreennation is the type of long-form sports journalism I love diving into; especially for a smaller sports program like UNT. Keep up the great writing
  4. That really sucks. Noticed he got passed up on the depth chart by Nixon.
  5. We'll definitely get a full view into what our defense is made of against SMU. The idea that the 3-3-5 reduces complexity makes me scratch my head, but I'll dive into that article you linked before I start opining again. Regardless, I am very excited to see who we got in these last 2 classes on the defensive end. I'm expecting Gaddie to make some plays this year
  6. Interesting article! I'll definitely read through it all later today. One of the things you mentioned as a positive - "Lots of options". This goes back to my complexity concern. Do you think having lots of options debilitates our players to some degree? I can point back to a lot of plays where we'd give up chunks of yards, specifically last year, where a coverage is supposedly blown or we got completely blind sided. I also worry about players coming out of HS and not being able to utilize the best of their abilities by having to learn this style of defense. I understand the recruitment challenge with trying to beef up our team, but would a 4-3 system be that unsuccessful with the players we have now?
  7. I was really hoping our DL could make a statement against HBU. We had one sack by KD Davis and a couple of QB hurries according to ESPN stats but... where was our rush ATK? Novil is a beast but he seems to have his hands full clogging up as much of the line while theoretically given others an advantage at bursting through. Not sure if the blame falls more on the system or the players but at this point we've had many years to form a sample size and my takeaway from it all is that we don't prioritize the pass rush and we try to disrupt the throwing game in different ways. I just don't know it works without having the perfect personnel fit
  8. Can someone explain to me the benefits of running a 3-3-5 scheme? My takeaways from this particular defense at UNT is that you must have the right personnel to handle the complexities of it. I know for the most part that having extra men in the secondary have the benefit of disguising coverages and blitz packages but again, the only time that seems to work for us is when we have a skilled and mature secondary (i.e 2018 season). And in our experience, it is definitely not a forgiving system for players that can't measure up to it. My main concern is that the CB position in a 3-3-5 seem to have a ton of pressure by holding down the corners of the field with little help. I always noticed last year how our Corners almost always give about 5-10 yards of space between them and the line of scrimmage. I attribute this to not having enough talent to disrupt routes by being physical and closer to the LOS and instead hedging to prevent any large chucks of yardage by getting beat at the line. Maybe that's just part of the scheme, idk. Regardless, 3-3-5 is an interesting concept and I would hypothesize the main reason we have this defense in place is to make up for our lack in size and replace it with more available speed in terms of the players we recruit. But man, it drives me nuts that we never are able to consistently apply pressure in the backfield. It doesn't seem like a 3-3-5 prioritizes that, but rather tries to plug up as much of the field with as many bodies as possible while throwing in a blitz to try to confuse the QB/OL. Idk... anyone else have thoughts on it?
  9. I haven't been plugged into much news about this upcoming football season. Can someone point me to an existing thread or explain where UNT stands right now in terms of its schedule? I know A&M has cancelled all non-conference games this season but assuming C-USA doesn't shut down this season are we still expecting to play our non-conference opponents as it stands today? SMU, Houston, HBU? If we are still planning on playing everyone on schedule besides A&M, this season doesn't seem completely lost as I had once thought. As long as CUSA doesn't cancel, I feel pretty good about our success in the upcoming season.
  10. Question as a GMG newbie: if F--k is now douchebag, what is autocorrected to "quite" that I've seen on the site for a while now? Also does this douchebag autocorrect take into account past or present participle? such as douchebaged or douchebaging? Edit: Got my answer, lol
  11. my main takeaway tonight is tempered by the fact that this game was pretty much low stakes for us. But my concern going into postseason play is that Hamlet is carrying a lot of the offensive load and not just with scoring. He sets up our offense, averages the most assists on the team, etc. As long as we have Hamlet, we're a well-oiled machine. But I was really hoping for Gibson, Simmons, or Bell to step up a little more today on offense to set the tone for the CUSA tournament.
  12. Draper 1-6 from 3PT range Hamlet & Gibson both with 8 pts as our leading scorers tonight with 11 minutes to go. Came out very flat
  13. I've had to refresh a couple times now in the 2nd half. Didn't have a problem in the 1st
  14. I just mean in terms of energy it all seems a little flat. He's not getting on to guys as much as he normally does, just an observation. Gibson was who I was referring to
  15. Everyone's sort of checked out it seems. Even Grant is taking his foot off the pedal a little bit. I'd really like to see Mo take control and gain some confidence going into the conference tourney as our 2nd scoring option
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