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  1. Was such a reliable player. His under-utilization is one of the many frustrating aspects of this Littrell offense over the years but I'll save the negativity. You will be missed Jason. Thank you!
  2. Me plus 12 are going. Idk about you guys but I'm gonna have a good time regardless of official attendance numbers.
  3. Even though we were up so much, those series of plays pissed me off so much. I can't count on my hands how many EGREGIOUSLY bad calls have taken away points on the board (sometimes even at our opponents expense!) due to apathetic officiating that I've personally witnessed at Apogee that would never have a chance of being upheld in a game between P5 opponents. I hope the AAC refs show a considerable upgrade to what we've had in the past.
  4. Don't know if I'm late to this news but was sad to see this. I remember being really excited about picking him up over Utah State a few years ago.
  5. I believe we can get back on a winning trajectory the sooner Wren hires a new HC. I'm hoping we let Seth go after this year to install a new coach for our last season in the CUSA. The idea being we gain some momentum going into a new conference. What I would love to happen would be for UNT to win a CUSA conference title in our last year.
  6. 2023 is the date that has been thrown around. Seems about right given we are accepted during this year and OU/UT plans on leaving around the same time.
  7. I'm laughing. I'm still watching this game and I'm laughing. This team has turned me into a masochist, I think its time to tune into the Astros game
  8. It's not like its below anybody else who has the opportunity to do that wouldn't tout that around for their team. I just take issue with Hart's statement over what Patterson said as if his school is above all the rabble-rousing that his PR team has drummed up. I'd be less annoyed by it if SMU just accepted the role as the villain and left all of their pearl clutching at the door when others fire back at you about it
  9. God the SMU AD sounds like such a total hack in defense of what happened after the game. Trying to stand up for his team is one thing, but you kind of ignore the elephant in the room when your PR/social media team is constantly promoting this marketing tool of being "Dallas' Team" with cute tweets and constantly ribbing all the other DFW programs in the process. Dykes and SMU AD like to skirt controversy by either not commenting on it or just brushing off these very obvious provocative PR stunts they try and pull by downplaying exactly what they're trying to do. I don't mind the competitive ribbing, but Hart's statements come off so disingenuous. Like, of course Patterson is mad about the whole thing and has a right to be when it comes to his assistant getting hurt. First off, they lost a close rivalry game so post-game emotions are already high and one of his staff gets hurt in the process of SMU trying to ripoff what Mayfield did a few years back. And it's not like SMU wouldn't plaster that all over their social media if it did happen, whether it was planned or not.
  10. Low(er) scoring affair, our defense shows resolve from last week's thrashing and our offense continues to search for a spark with no luck. Defense won't be able to hold on forever and La Tech pulls away La Tech - 24 UNT - 7
  11. agree, I think Murphy was just trying to listen to all the coaches yelling at him to go down.
  12. This moment was the icing on top of the giant shit we laid this weekend
  13. 1000% Litterell has accomplished NOTHING without Harrell
  14. this one hurts. All in all, its a failure on Litterell and offense to not take advantage of opportunities SMU gifted us. Should've been up way more than 6 points in the first half. We made it a game for 3 1/3 quarters. On the bright side of things, we ARE improving as a team despite tonight's result. Only thing that is becoming more and more clear to me is that Litterell is NOT the guy to get us over the hump after this season. Still a lot of season to play, but this is yet another tally in the lose column for Litterell where he could've made a huge statement win.
  15. This is my "hope I'm wrong" prediction. UNT 21 - SMU 41 In high-stake games, it feels like Littrell's offenses usually under perform anywhere from around 10-14 points lower than what the GMG board usually expects. If the offense can't get on the board in the first two possessions, we may be doomed for a beatdown... That's a little generous even, I'd say if first possession is at least moving down the field we buy ourselves another shot to get in the game. Ultimately though, if this game is even competitive, SMU will pull away in the 2nd half
  16. Broadcast showed Bennett coaching a 2nd string player on the field on that last play after time expired. This is how we get better. Love the high bar that PB is setting GMG
  17. To be fair, that missed pass should've been caught. Aune put it in the right spot, maybe just a little too hot
  18. Good improvement on D this game. Is it good enough to keep up with Transfer Methodist? Probably not. But I'm just glad to have a defense that looks in command at certain points. Lots of good pieces to work with
  19. Not a defense to be completely happy with. But I do notice an improvement. Lets not forget just how horrible and demoralized our defenses have become these past few years. Our defenses of the prior years wouldn't have held on 4 and inches. All I'm looking for is a change in behavior and preparedness. Looks like Bennett has our guys prepared. Just not executing as well as I'm sure he would like
  20. I love this community for it's common goal of bringing us together to root, discuss, and discourse over for our favorite team. I honestly don't know why the mods don't resort back to a no tolerance policy on politics posts (yes, unfortunately COVID should fall into that category at this point.) @UNTLifer I know you get into spats with more of the left-leaning side of the users here. But you seem to always make it abundantly clear to me never to take what you say seriously as evidence by acting as a troll with the statement above. Regardless of topic, does anyone know how to talk to each other in good faith anymore? That goes for a lot of people on this website too. Go mean green I guess
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