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  1. SLIGHT CORRECTION: For all the pearl clutching I've been doing in this thread, I need to take a bit of my own medicine. This article was actually written by the AP. I guess ESPN has some sort of agreement with the AP to publish their game previews on their website. Please redirect all ire towards the AP. I'm gonna go touch grass.
  2. true. I've just never seen it at this level for a collegiate team. Some college programs are so notoriously bad that when they get press they at least get the decency of running their article through a spell check. Like, maybe take the 5 seconds to verify the teams mascot before you publish? It wouldn't be something I'd care about if I didn't EXPECT this to happen. Seriously. I've seen it so many times. Just boggles my mind.
  3. Thanks! The EEEEAAGGLLE line in scrubs was my catch-phrase in college. Great show
  4. Can't wait for the write up on the AAC championship game over SMU vs. NTSU next year 🤢
  5. AP's write up of today's conference championship on ESPN website: I know ESPN couldn't give two shits about us but the disrespect is just... laughable. It's become a staple for our brand at this point to mis-identify our logo, name, etc. EDIT: see my edited comment down below. A little dose of sweet sweet karma I suppose.
  6. In my quest to be the biggest Littrell-hater on this forum this year, I've neglected the team's amazing effort to get to this championship game. Such an up and down season but I'd be lying if it wasn't one of the more entertaining seasons of the past couple years post-Fine era. We've got some really great players on this team with such heart. If these players had the same will as us, they would've given up by the time we had lost to Memphis. We've seen that song and dance before in season's past. I'm really really really really hoping we can cap this season off with a bang leaving the CUSA. But this team has given an inspired effort through all the ups and downs that I haven't seen previously in past Littrell teams. And as much as I hate to admit it, despite all the warnings signs going off in my cynical brain, that gives me hope.
  7. I just saw "Tylor Perry out for season" and almost had a heart attack
  8. the goal should be regular season conference champs and conference tournament champs. How we succeed out of conference will determine how talented we are in a particular year and how tough of a schedule we have which can vary from season to season. This isn't a knock against Grant, but as the next step I'd like to see us as the undisputed conference champs (regular season & tournament) since we haven't been able to accomplish that yet.
  9. If you're picking UNT to win based on assumptions that Aune/Defense/Littrell will have a greater than average game executing a game plan, you're going to be disappointed. Don't ignore the truth! Our running backs will have to carry the responsibility of outperforming themselves and UTSA will be ready for it. Our Defense needs to pray that the secondary won't be exploited to h e l l. This has all the makings of crossing our fingers that Aune can keep the defense honest with an occasional good pass and Harris not abusing our D despite their O-line issues. We know how this song plays out folks... Okay, that's my last pessimistic post for now. Looking forward to the amount of angry, drunken comments on the game thread. I may be one of them :0
  10. I'll be tuning in, but don't forget what Seth has taught us over the years. If there's any amount of stakes in a game, we lose every single time. At this point, it's delusional to think we can win on the road against a conference rival with Seth at the reigns. I'm all for the fall optimism, just don't forget when we inevitably lose this game, we are a house of cards
  11. I think we don't give Fine enough credit for how special he was. Competent QB is one thing, but Fine was exceptional
  12. I agree with @Greenrex. Its in our best interest that UTSA wins as much as possible for us to be able to take them down when they face us
  13. do you mean the bands or animals? because I had a mean Grizzly Bear phase in college but the Gorrillaz are classic as well
  14. I was really impressed with that Vermont team. I thought they played some beautiful basketball. Its a shame they lost in the first round against Arkansas. I thought Vermont out-played them, just couldn't make the shots they needed to in the final minutes. The only knock against them is needing to make their FTs Great game all around though. My favorite of the tournament so far.
  15. God bless @greengal upholding the moral in a sea of doom and gloomers. Trying my best not to let this ruin my weekend lol
  16. Can we just not talk about the NIT as a consolation for a minute? This absolutely sucks that we missed out on the NCAA tourney after such a promising season. We DO have something still to play for but it's going to take a second to soak this in before I can get excited for the NIT if at all.
  17. God this was disappointing. 36 points is just a complete anomaly. I hate losing to Tech after we beat them in just about every way in the season.
  18. Feels ominous for us heading into these next 2 games
  19. The solution is clear, at least to me. If anybody can come up with a phrase that rolls off the tongue better than " Mother F***ing" I think we could turn this around. Whether or not you think it's stupid, you have to admit that the gap in between UNT and EAGLES is just begging for some knuckleheads to add a little creative flair. From what I know, the only attempt UNT has made at trying to curb this behavior has been to change "Mother F***ing" to "Really Awesome" from a few years back... which was hilariously bad
  20. Early foul trouble and never got into a rhythm. He made some very uncharacteristic mistakes on the defensive end a few times. I agree, I think he’ll be fine going forward
  21. I know a lot of us might be thinking ahead to La Tach on Saturday but next game on Thursday has the potential to be Grant McCasland’s 100th win at UNT. It may not be the conference heavyweight game we’re expecting with La Tech on Saturday but I think it would mean a lot if fans on Thursday came out in big supply and extra rowdy to show how much we appreciate Grant’s run of dominance here. That’s a huge milestone in such a small amount of time. Let me end this with the de-jinx ritual that has seemed to work lately. *ahem* TRAP GAME TRAP GAME TRAP GAME TRAP GAME TRAP GAME TRAP GAME GMG
  22. I don’t want to get ahead of ourselves and we obviously have to finish out the season but… I’m smelling some top 25 votes next week
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