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    So, we'll be 2nd or 3rd in the West...

    I understand what UNTexas is saying. within the conference, there is no one else that would challenge LA Tech except for maybe FAU. even if they lose to FAU, that's one conference loss to our one conference loss, but they hold the tie breaker. they would have to lose at least 2 conference games and we'd have to go undefeated the rest of the year to make it to the CUSA championship. not impossible, but unlikely
  3. jlmagnus

    Crowd Cheering Pre-Snap on Offense

    they started the North Texas back and forth while offense was on the field. not the fan's fault for that one. it is embarrassing
  4. jlmagnus

    346 Rushing Yards

    he'll always have a Heisman in our hearts
  5. I'm glad I bought my ticket for LA Tech already, it's gonna be a sellout
  6. i think Liberty could have made it close if they didn't make so many big mistakes
  7. jlmagnus

    I ALMOST feel bad for them

    If you start to feel sorry for them, just take a look at their fan forum. They got their asses handed to them and they still show no respect.