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  1. Was wondering if there were any injuries last night. Bryce English- I saw him walking off the field slow around middle of the game. Not sure if he got back in. Woodworth- was wondering if he was being held out as a precaution and will be a go for SMU any other injuries?
  2. I know he was out for the last few games of the season and bowl game. Anyone have any word on his status? He be back next year?
  3. Any word if Kemon Hall will play this week? Are there any other folks other than Loren Easly that are unlikely to play against Southern Miss?
  4. It seems in the past local TV(I.e. KTXA 21) has picked up some of the games and has made adjustments to their schedule as the season progresses. Any word if they will pick up the game this week or if it will be televised locally? I normally would be at the game but the only thing keeping me is my 20th high school reunion. I was hoping to record and watch when I get home.
  5. Is there a point similar baseball(5 inning) where a college football game becomes official?
  6. MRH

    Bryce English

    Yes, please elaborate because while McClain and jenkins graduated, we have 2 seniors at CB in Nate Brooks and Kemon Hall. We also have Muhammad and Robinson who are both juniors. I think Tyreke Davis breaks out this year.
  7. MRH

    Bryce English

    I learned this the hard way. I didn’t exactly get greeted with warm fuzzies.
  8. MRH

    Bryce English

    Can’t wait for Saturday. We know the offense will be good. Having more size and athleticism on the DLine will help a lot.
  9. MRH

    Bryce English

    Didn’t mean to startle everyone, just hadn’t heard much lately about his progress. Good to hear!
  10. Anyone heard anything on his status? Is he good to go to play against SMU?
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