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  1. Mason Fine’s impact on this program (and his legacy) is not about wins, hardware and championships. It’s about leadership, integrity, work ethic, team building...the list is endless. UNTalumni will for years be able to point to him and his accomplishments yet to come with pride in this university. Mason’s future is much, much more important than football. I told you this before he got here.
  2. If you were lucky enough to attend a lecture by ADM Stavridis you probably learned something. Served with him twice and he is the smartest human I have ever known. And the most apolitical. He never cared about political affiliations because he thought politicians were idiots. His only fault was he is too short to drive the lane.
  3. IANAL...would it be legal to add a clause to scholarship agreements that says if the player voluntarily removes himself from the roster he would have to repay all or part of the scholarship? The university held up their end of the agreement.
  4. Two words...head case. Chad Kelly 2.0 Milliom dollar arm. Five cent head.
  5. He does have a good football background, but the Baylor fans I know didn’t like him. They say he acted like a punk on the sideline on numerous occasions, especially when the game wasn’t going their way. That could be due to having daddy as HFC.
  6. I spent the last 6 years of my Navy career in Norfolk and hated just about every nanosecond of it. That said, I am more of a PacFleet kind of guy. It’s been almost 20 years, so I’m useless for current recommendations, but if you go to the neighborhood called Ghent (I think Colley Ave is the main drag) you should find tons of good food and drink. And it’s close to ODU. Just don’t let the locals irritate you with their superior attitude.
  7. Alabama has a Buc-ees! If you’re traveling east on I-10, exit 49 (Beach Express) is the home of AL’s first store. I got hooked on Buc-ees when our daughter lived in College Station and we would drive to see her. The new store is scheduled to open in January, I think. They have already made an impact on Baldwin County by paying much higher hourly wages than we are accustomed to in these parts.
  8. Other reports say Ruffin McNeil, which I find more likely.
  9. Love the announcer as Brewer is crossing the Ark 45...”He gone.”
  10. Whatever...my dad said this site was hypersensitive...
  11. Are you an academic? Because they usually go straight to name-calling... Sorry you made the choice to be offended by a fairly innocuous acronym.
  12. Sorry, LMGTFY... https://www.cbssports.com/college-football/news/week-3-college-football-picks-games-odds-washington-arkansas-on-upset-alert/
  13. “ North Texas at Arkansas When: Saturday, 4 p.m. ET | Where: Fayetteville, Arkansas | Line: Arkansas -7 Why it's listed: Arkansas is in a precarious situation. It surrendered, in classic BERT fashion, an 18-point second half lead in a Week 2 loss to Colorado State. North Texas, like the Rams, can put up points in bunches. Arkansas has a size advantage, but this is a hangover loss waiting to happen. North Texas' key to the game: Protect quarterback Mason Fine. He is valuable but small -- two things that don't often go well together in football. He's the nation's leading passer at 431 yards per game and eclipsed 4,000 yards through the air a season ago. Yet, he is normal sized ("listed" at 5-foot-11 and 185 pounds) which means he is terribly undersized, relatively speaking. Arkansas, meanwhile, is not undersized. Hits like these may turn him into ash. Arkansas' key to the game: It must continue to work the ground game. Yes, the Razorbacks have changed offensive philosophies, but running the ball was the best thing they did against the Rams. Lean on it again and it should wear down North Texas' defense. In the final 20 minutes or so, it'll be the difference. Pick: North Texas is good enough that Arkansas can't afford to let the past live in the present. The Colorado State loss was rough, but some environmental issues (road game in altitude) can play a factor. Now the Razorbacks are back home. If they're slow out of the gate, they'll be in trouble. ATS: North Texas, SU: North Texas”
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