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    Keegan Brewer Punt Return

    Love the announcer as Brewer is crossing the Ark 45...”He gone.”

    CBSSports has Arkansas on upset alert dad said this site was hypersensitive...

    CBSSports has Arkansas on upset alert

    Are you an academic? Because they usually go straight to name-calling... Sorry you made the choice to be offended by a fairly innocuous acronym.

    CBSSports has Arkansas on upset alert

    Sorry, LMGTFY...
  5. “ North Texas at Arkansas When: Saturday, 4 p.m. ET | Where: Fayetteville, Arkansas | Line: Arkansas -7 Why it's listed: Arkansas is in a precarious situation. It surrendered, in classic BERT fashion, an 18-point second half lead in a Week 2 loss to Colorado State. North Texas, like the Rams, can put up points in bunches. Arkansas has a size advantage, but this is a hangover loss waiting to happen. North Texas' key to the game: Protect quarterback Mason Fine. He is valuable but small -- two things that don't often go well together in football. He's the nation's leading passer at 431 yards per game and eclipsed 4,000 yards through the air a season ago. Yet, he is normal sized ("listed" at 5-foot-11 and 185 pounds) which means he is terribly undersized, relatively speaking. Arkansas, meanwhile, is not undersized. Hits like these may turn him into ash. Arkansas' key to the game: It must continue to work the ground game. Yes, the Razorbacks have changed offensive philosophies, but running the ball was the best thing they did against the Rams. Lean on it again and it should wear down North Texas' defense. In the final 20 minutes or so, it'll be the difference. Pick: North Texas is good enough that Arkansas can't afford to let the past live in the present. The Colorado State loss was rough, but some environmental issues (road game in altitude) can play a factor. Now the Razorbacks are back home. If they're slow out of the gate, they'll be in trouble. ATS: North Texas, SU: North Texas”

    Born and Bred: Mason Fine

    Please pardon me for using my son’s log on, but I got tossed a couple of years ago during the furor that arose when Littrell burned Mason’s redshirt and started him ahead of that Bama guy. I said then that UNT will be better not just because Mason is a great QB, but because of the human being he is. I’m thrilled for him and your university that things are working out. People will still be talking about Mason Fine and UNT 25 years from now. All because of the person he is. dd992emo

    Start of something special Man of Steel

    Heck, I had to go through 5th and 6th grade at Lost City, then moved closer to LG and did junior high there. Lost City made Peggs look like Chicago!
  8. Their website has a story predicting (way too early) bowl game opponents. 6 teams from C-USA are on the list a UNT IS NOT ONE OF THEM! Already emailed Eric Single, listed as author. Morons...
  9. Ah, the age-old “stand or sit” dilemma. I’m all for fans displaying their enthusiasm, as long as they are not negatively impacting another fan’s game experience. So, stand if you wish, but at least look around you to see if there are fans behind you who can’t stand for long periods or at all.
  10. Speaks for itself...

    What the heck is “Stadium Video”?

    Watching the game on Stadium Video and it’s not bad. Camera work is okay. Announcers don’t suck. Standard little blonde hottie on the sideline. Better than not seeing it at all. Two things: 1. Our left tackle (71?) is not having a great game. 2. How about that D?

    FAU getting spanked by OU

    FAU has major QB problems. All three QBs have regularly missed wide open receivers.

    FAU getting spanked by OU

    The Lane Train looks like it’s running on a dirt road.

    What the heck is “Stadium Video”?

    Actually, he was on this board 2 years ago, but got 86’ed because he thought some posters were criticizing Fine for reasons that had nothing to do with football and he said so. He’s over it. He’ll be at the Arkansas game and I may be with him. Thanks for the tips on Stadium Video!
  15. I live in south Mississippi. My father is from Locust Grove, OK, home of Mason Fine, so I am by default a huge UNT fan. Looking for a way to watch UNT-SMU and my college football tv schedule says “Stadium Video”. Their website says they will be showing the game. Anyone ever used this site?