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  1. Im done with you people. UNT is pretty darn small compared to A&M and UT and I meant small as in small in sports. AKA how relevant they are to the college sports world. And also Its a great game. Its not the greatest game ever played like yall think it is.
  2. I love UNT. Im from the DFW area. I hope UNT can continue to do great in football even after Littrell leaves in a couple years like all coaches do at small schools. I love the school alot. Im not gonna be one of those people you claim i am. I just accept facts. And also I’m part of the problem? How is that? Because I accept there are other better schools out there? Doesn’t mean I dislike UNT because of that
  3. Oh you got me. A game between two small DFW area schools is bigger than the game between the the two biggest schools in the state. But hey you’re right about one thing. This rivalry does actually exist still and hasn’t been put on hold
  4. 1. Lol uh huh its a cardinal sin. Whatever you wanna believe 2. There’s nothing wrong with SMU lol I go to UNT and i know it doesn’t stack up. Its a great game but jesus relax. Its not the Lone Star Showdown, Red River Rivalry or Iron Bowl
  5. Gotta be careful with Craig James. He’ll get your head coach fired lol
  6. I sleep pretty well, thanks for asking! SMU vs UNT isn’t A&M vs UT so its not some cardinal sin to like both schools. Regardless I still want UNT to win. I just have nothing wrong with SMU
  7. I like SMU still even though I go to UNT😬 so no sign making fun of Craig James Killing 5 Hookers for me..sorry yall
  8. If im being completely honest I don’t either lol. I think A&M will win and actually surprise people this year but it’ll be a close game. But thats what my family thinks A&M will do to Arkansas is blow em out. All but my dad and me are aggies. Im currently at UNT and he went here. I think Arkansas could easily win 6 though if they play well and can adjust to Chad Morris(who is an Aggie) well enough. Morris isn’t that great of a coach though
  9. I think its very possible that UNT beats Arkansas. I just dont think its likely. Something will happen to go in Arkansas favor and it will hurt us. But regardless atleast A&M will still blow em out along with the rest of the SEC lol
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