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  1. It does suck for the mid-majors but on the other hand there are a lot more spots open in return for high school recruits that used to be takes for high profile programs, but their spots fill up with transfers so a lot more borderline top 100 players each recruiting class are ending up at mid-majors now. It’s almost not worth it for high majors to recruit those high 3* or low 4* types anymore when they can try to lure a proven college player in the transfer portal so you have teams like Dayton getting really good 4-year players out of it that aren’t quite developed to an elite level yet but sti
  2. Yeah 10 new players on the Arkansas roster is pretty crazy. -3 immediately eligible grad transfers -3 transfers who sat out last year (one tore his ACL however so won’t play) -4 freshman high school recruits Guess that’s just college basketball today though.
  3. I think it will definitely be more high scoring than last year
  4. Surely letting us win 2 basketball games makes us even for 1 football game right? 😆
  5. I don't think we'll be that bad. Lunardi has us as next 4 out right now. We made the NIT last year and wouldn't surprise me if we did again this year but Musselman is a better coach than Anderson was and Isaiah Joe-Mason Jones should be one of the best guard combos in the SEC. We have finished higher than projected almost every single year in the last decade. We'll get better once we get our starting center back from suspension too. It's still early. We beat a Rice team by 48 who beat Penn, who beat Alabama. I was impressed with your defense and there will be nights when your shots fall b
  6. If that's the case I hope you aren't on our baseball schedule next year 😂 EDIT: After looking it up I realized UNT doesn't have a baseball team. That's surprising to me. Seems like baseball would do well in that area.
  7. Yeah but they do the same thing with Alabama football no matter who they're playing lol
  8. Kentucky is playing the same night so regular SECN gets to see them blow out Evansville
  9. 1. Style of offense (actually getting into the 21st century) 2. Texas recruiting connections 3. He did improve SMU from 1-11 to 7-6...similar rebuild situation needed here Does help that his son was high school teammates with John Stephen Jones though. He and Jerry knew each other well.
  10. Probably also didn't want to give the freshmen their first college football action on the road @ Auburn. Doesn't really matter who the QB is if the OL doesn't give them any time to throw though.
  11. I’d like to think most of our commits knew we were in for a rough year before they committed, but you never know...a 2-10 season may make them waver
  12. Ah. I remember when he was a GA here under Petrino. Funny how things work out.
  13. Sounds like he will be back, only played a quarter so far against Eastern Illinois but had 10 tackles. DE Randy Ramsey and LT Colton Jackson will be back after not playing in the first two games. Only player we've missed so far that it sounds like may not be back yet is our nickel Kevin Richardson.
  14. It is perplexing how you can miss a 20 yard kick so badly and not succeed somewhere but then kill it by going somewhere else. Most people don't think there's much coaching that goes into kicking but apparently it does make a difference. Bielema's special teams were awful. I think most Arkansas fans put it on him. Do you guys have a dedicated special teams coach? We didn't under him and still don't under Morris and some fans wish we did but the staff handles it as a committee.
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