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  1. WaxaWarrior2016

    Texas at San Antonio preview

    Last season's progression by UTSA has always made me laugh. From Kirk Herbstreit saying they could go 12-0 after week 2, to an absolutely devastating loss against yours truly. To being the only 6-win team to miss out on bowl season! Such a satisfying feeling. *See gif below for instant smiles*
  2. WaxaWarrior2016

    DRC: UNT's run to the CBI title, the untold story

    I. Love. McCasland. This program is a complete 180 from what it was one year ago today. An excellent article highlighting just how much of an impact he's made!
  3. WaxaWarrior2016

    College Football News review of North Texas 2018

    Lots of great things. I'm looking forward to seeing the overall-more-experienced defense get another crack at it! Hopefully things turn a little better on that end.
  4. WaxaWarrior2016

    Throwback: Houston at North Texas 1975

    Can I just point out how that is an AWFUL shade of green? They look like jolly ranchers out there. Maybe it's the lighting/camera from the 70s, but I'm glad they don't look like that anymore.
  5. WaxaWarrior2016

    The Top G-5 programs who have a Playoff shot

    Maybe because their basketball team did good things this year? Obviously that means they'll excel in everything! Right, Kansas?
  6. WaxaWarrior2016

    Athlon 2018 CUSA Predictions

    Those three games are also my favorite memories at UNT games. I was in the Green Brigade back in 2013 for that Rice game, and completely lost it on that defensive stand! My dad and sister (both Rice alums) were present which made it a little more fun!
  7. WaxaWarrior2016

    Athlon 2018 CUSA Predictions

    Position to Watch: North Texas OL, unanimous. I had a chuckle at that. Also, nice shoutout to Graham Harrell for coach on the rise!
  8. WaxaWarrior2016

    2018 Schedule Thoughts

    I don't want to assume anything with Liberty. This team waltzed into Waco and beat Baylor opening weekend last year (even though Baylor turned out to be pretty awful). They have made the move up to FBS and have an opportunity to really make an impression as an independent. I'm not saying Liberty should be the favorite, but we shouldn't just ignore that game as a "sure-fire" win. Incarnate Word is a sure-fire win though.
  9. WaxaWarrior2016

    Who will be our first signature win?

    Exactly. This will be our best opportunity. It's their third of three straight non-conf games, with a road game against Auburn the following week. They will be looking ahead hard core. Also, last year they beat NMSU at home 42-24, and Coastal Carolina (1st year in FBS) 39-38!!!! This is a team that's vulnerable. Oh, and their head coach was SMU's head coach for the past three years, so hopefully Littrell has somewhat figured him out. AND: Mason Fine is really good.
  10. This would be great if we end up as one of the top 5 teams, but if we're outside there's no chance to gain any ground until the conf tournament. I'm intrigued by this format, I guess its' main goal is to improve our best teams' resumes in the final weeks of the regular season. It will certainly be an interesting season for CUSA basketball! Several teams have the opportunity to make some noise!
  11. WaxaWarrior2016

    Dude Perfect at the Super Pit

    Great publicity for the Mean Green! Dude Perfect is one of the most followed channels on YouTube, they get a TON of views! Headquartered in Frisco, they've hit pretty much every major university in the metroplex (TCU, SMU, and now UNT), now if we could just get them into Apogee!
  12. WaxaWarrior2016

    We Need A Baseball Team!!!

    Based on this picture of Wren's plans for the Mean Green Village, it could be here sooner than we know! Not sure how long "mid-term" is for this, but the fact that they've already dug deep into those short-term plans is a good sign! I agree that having a baseball program will boost our marketability. With the state of Texas being one of the most dominant areas of the country in college baseball (so many usually-stellar programs like Texas, A&M, TCU, Rice, Tech, Houston, DBU), being able to add that to our athletic department would put our name out there even more!
  13. WaxaWarrior2016

    DJ Draper put on Scholarship!

    So much fun to watch on both sides of the ball this past season. He more than earned this scholarship through so much hard work! Can't wait for next season!