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  1. The band is great, but someone over there needs to figure out how to play with the flow of the game. When we are on defense, they play extremely loud on 2nd down. Fantastic. But there has been countless times where they don't make a peep on 3rd. That needs to change. Also if I hear one more peep out of the band when we are on offense I am going to lose my mind. The band should not play on offense. You should be able to hear a pen drop in Apogee when our team is preparing to snap the ball. Not that it makes me some expert, but I was in drumline in high school (even considered try
  2. Do a 7 day free trial on sling. They carry the Pac12 network. Then cancel Sunday morning.
  3. Very neat. I guess I never realized that P5s paid other P5s just to get the game at home, I guess? LSU is getting $1.5M to play Texas. That's a whole lot of money especially since LSU is favored..
  4. I agree with this. I guess we can all go back to the times where there were no students at games and we never scored touchdowns, then no one will ever have to hear it again. It's a football game. For those saying it's classless clearly have not been to the student section in sometime at any college football game. Chanting MF Eagles might be the classiest thing being yelled in that section..
  5. Dave Nichol was the OC for East Carolina in 2015 prior to joining Leach at WSU. That 2015 East Carolina team went 5-7 (3-5 in conference - AAC). The team had 3,370 passing yards and 21 touchdowns and 1,618 rushing yards with 19 touchdowns. The team also average 27.4 points per game.
  6. I signed up for the free trial of Sling and added the sports package so it includes BeIN. I just have to remember to cancel the subscription before the 7 days is up. Still very very very very upset I will be missing this game.
  7. Still can't believe they didn't call targeting.
  8. I think it's safe to say that my wife has the same addiction I do. However, she does get to the point each year where she says I have enough tailgating stuff.
  9. The Ticket radio station is running a commercial advertising SMUt's first game against "The Hated North Texas Mean Green." I didn't need another reason to be fired up for our home opener, but they gave me one anyway.
  10. There is nothing better than setting up your own tailgate for good ole Mean Green football games. I am slowly improving mine each year. Finally going to have a TV set up for every game this year! Is it 09/01 yet??
  11. Checked out Alberding's highlight tape. I like what I see! Seems pretty quick for a 6'4 225 lb kid. Should be a nice addition. I'm also liking the height of this class. Looks like the shortest guy committed so far is 5'11 and he is a RB. The 2019 recruiting class is shaping up nicely.
  12. Not a fan of the ring. it looks like a high school ring.
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