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  1. You cannot wear visitor colors with any coaches tickets. So yeah, no green allowed 😕
  2. Was somehow under the impression that we were in 114, so I’ll be moving with this guy!^
  3. They’re doing a ticket deal thing. I may try to use this as well! www.UNTvsSMU.com
  4. Usually would just use my THSCA tickets but I don't want to sell my soul and wear neutral (or forbid SMU colors) when we mow down those ponies. Not picky on location but would like to be in the visitors section!
  5. I agree, and unfortunately stats speak loud. He may need those garbage numbers to 1, add draft stock and 2, finish with all American status.
  6. Finally getting some love. Certainly not getting from “Sooner” Corby so far this year.
  7. There’s also a nice, new British pub where Abbey Underground used to be 🤷🏻‍♂️
  8. Seriously. As someone who has no affiliation with the band or program, I can say that he did an amazing job. Shame on the rest of these people b*tching.
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