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  1. Anything new with this?
  2. Please let this happen!!
  3. NTFan11

    Possible Bowl Games Mega Thread

    So we are definitely going to NM? Is it confirmed 100% ?
  4. NTFan11

    New Head Coaches Hired

    I saw Sonny Dykes name thrown in as a candidate for TT. Anyone else see this? I saw it on College Football News website.
  5. NTFan11


    Now I'm seeing a lot of Central Market advertising.Thanks. LOL
  6. NTFan11

    Uniforms for UAB?

    What is the name you have given this combo Travis? My favorite name you have given so far has been the "Sweet Sassy Molassy."
  7. NTFan11

    CUSA Officials

    My daughter and I went to the game and right before kick off she very excitedly exclaims "I didn't know girls could be referees." She then pointed to the sideline judge, it was a woman. I am glad she was able to see that example. It made here like the game even more. Just wanted to throw this in here. GMG!
  8. NTFan11

    This team deserved better

    Watching La Tech and UTSA. LaTech just went up 24-0
  9. NTFan11

    Weather & Attendance for Southern Miss Game

    Wife just let me know it is 100% chance of thunderstorms at kickoff. I will still be there, no question. Hope everyone else can as well.
  10. NTFan11

    La Tech Game Throwbacks

    Hell yeah, the best looking cap I have seen in awhile. If you get any word on this, please let us know.
  11. NTFan11

    La Tech Game Throwbacks

    Is it possible to purchase the NT caps some of the coaches were wearing? I believe the cap was a trucker style cap.
  12. NTFan11

    Go UAB Blazers today!

    My stomach just turned...
  13. NTFan11

    Go UAB Blazers today!

    So what are the standings now in the west?
  14. NTFan11

    Streaming/Viewing Game Saturday?

    El Paso is in a different time zone, correct?