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  1. https://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/27886383/college-football-bowl-projections ESPN says Frisco or Bocca
  2. How has no one posted the obvious answer; money. Lots and lots of money. Money to secure coaches and assistant coaches. Money to keep “pay day” games off the schedule. Money for amenities to keep the students’ interest. Money for promotions and marketing.
  3. This weekend’s attendance will have big impact on which bowl we get. Sell Outs matter as much as wins to selection committees.
  4. Where is your favorite place to get the best quality North Texas polos and hats on-line?
  5. For tune up games you pull your starting QB at the half, then you start pulling your 1st stringers throughout the third. That’s Football 101 at any level.
  6. Because we don't want our program/stadium to have to compete with a bowl for corporate sponsorship. Would you rather have the Peterbilt Bowl or Halftime Show Presented by Peterbilt.
  7. The problem with the current bowl system is not enough compelling bowl match ups. We need bowl realignment to match conference realignment and some good G5 vs P5 match ups and not so many P5 #6 vs P5#7 matchups.
  8. Three straight bowl games and OP is complaining about an OT loss, losses to conference champs, and a loss to a ranked team. Nobody likes to lose, but this team and program is headed in the right direction.
  9. Vito had a pretty fair write up. UNT does have a lot to be proud of. The Mean Green beat rival SMU and beat Arkansas on the road. UNT also posted its second straight nine-win season, a milestone the Mean Green had not reached since the days of Hayden Fry. Being blown out in a bowl game was a tough deal for UNT, but the Mean Green have a lot to be proud of.
  10. Anyone else notice that 9 out of NM Green's top 12 are not in Albuquerque? A few things in ABQ worth checking out: 1. Old Town Square. 2. Breaking Bad Tour. 3. NM Natural History and Science Museum 4.Explora Science Museum (kids) 5. The tram up to the mountains. 6. TDs (not for kids)
  11. I am also having a promotion where you can send an alumni to the game. You buy my ticket and I go to the game with you. Additional entertainment services based on the amount of beer you buy. No travel and lodging required.
  12. Budget articles are hard to write. I don't expect student journalist to be able to convey the complexity of government accounting. They did stumble on a few good nuggets. The good news. The Athletic Department is paying more than its standard debt service. That's a really good sign. One, it means they have extra cash to lay down on something. Two, it means they are freeing up debt capacity sooner to be able to move on to the next capital project. Growth is good. The bad news. The two largest sources of funding are essentially internal transfers from the university. Not a sig
  13. Which he will probably do after 4 or 5 full seasons as a coach at UNT. Matt Wells was the head coach at Utah State for 6 years, had two conference championships and 5 bowl teams and he got the Texas Tech job. I love coach L, but he doesn't have that kind of resume yet.
  14. I think Coach Littrell will be back at UNT next season. Good coaches are always prospects for bigger coaching jobs, put that doesn't mean now is the right time to make the move. The two schools most familiar with Littrell filled theirs spots with someone else. He still has something to prove (and increase his value) at UNT by getting a few more quality wins, a bowl win, and conference championship.
  15. Anyone else notice on the school's social media they were calling this the "POTY"
  16. In 2017 CUSA traded out the First Responders bowl earlier in the season. While I would have personally preferred a local DFW bowl, I wondering if this means the conference and school have an internal strategy here; a local bowl once every 3 years and no conference bowl repeats. Of course this mean we probably get the HI for our next out of town bowl.
  17. At least were not playing a local team in Florida on opening weekend. Dec. 15 Cure Orlando, Fla. 2:30 p.m. (CBSSN) Tulane vs. Louisiana
  18. Perspective: Fan expectations outpace reality. 9-3 with wins over SMU & Arkansas is an awesome season! It sucks that we haven't one a "big" game yet, but that's what this upcoming bowl game is about. Littrell and Company have this squad a step a head of where any other rebuild would be. A normal rebuild would be stop the bleeding in year 1, shoot for .500 in year 2, get to a bowl in year 3.
  19. Let's slow our role on a bowl game that may not be available to our conference and passed on inviting us last season. Reasonable expectations people.
  20. Good perspective. In the Littrell era the team has been a step a head of normal expectations.The problem is all of these things have raised our expectations beyond where the team realistically his. This team can still get 10 wins this season, which is a huge benchmark for UNT. Winning our bowl game is another important milestone for this program. Normal expectations: stop the bleeding in year one, .500 record in year two, get to a bowl in year three. UNT has exceeded expectations: bowl game in year one, conference championship game in year two, undefeated OOC schedule in year 3.
  21. The odds are New Mexico or one of the DFW bowls.
  22. The formula for college football success is pretty simple. Go to a bowl 4 out of every 5 seasons. Win your bowl game 3 out of every 4 bowls. Win your conference championship once every 5 years. Rinse, repeat. 3 or 4 cycles and you'll get where you want to go. Basically what Southern Miss did for 20 years.
  23. So none of our games have the same start time for second half of the season. How much say does our A.D. have in our start times. I get that the conference is trying to accommodate the networks, but can we opt out? I'm sure at this point in the season, that's not an option. But was it ever an option? Do the individual schools have any say in the start times? Or do we hand that over to CUSA? I'm not trying to re-start the overall debate of what's more important game day atmosphere vs. tv exposure. The fans feel one way, the conference feels the other. My question is do the indivi
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