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  1. Certainly didn’t hear this much props about Fine and his 4,000+ passing yards during our bowl game...Hicks this, Hicks that, blah blah blah
  2. LaTech is not getting any respect, these broadcasters are in love with Dykes and SMU... haven’t hear a word about Holtz nor what he’s done, their program, how well they’re playing, etc. SMU is loosing by almost 40 points and all they can talk about is how great SMU is...
  3. Reality? The season was fantastic - any season in which you can go 9-4 and to a bowl is an awesome season. Let's have multiple seasons like this one. For the cost of a few tickets and the atmosphere, you can't beat Apogee - what a successful season to go undefeated at home! How about 9- win and 10- win seasons through 2022...hope they don't increase the price of those tickets too much...really enjoy the scenery at Apogee... GMG
  4. I wonder what Arkansas's non-conference record is at home over the last five- or ten- seasons? I think it's a long shot...If the spread is 28+ I'll take that bet.
  5. Let's see how his staff recruits linemen this off-season, we need to win some recruiting battles against some of these other programs for physical linemen...Troy's linemen looked much more physical on both sides of the ball, need to recruit more physical players
  6. Fine is one tough football player. Didn't see him react in any negative way towards his offensive line. I don't know if I would have had as much composure...we were certainly out played up front...after every play there was a player or two helping him scrape himself off the turf...we need a better effort up front, that's an understatement - hope Fine isn't damaged permanently...
  7. Adam Rittenberg writes "Morris has guided SMU to bowl eligibility for the first time, but he isn't chasing championships like UCF's Scott Frost, Memphis' Mike Norvell, Boise State's Bryan Harsin, Arkansas State's Blake Anderson, Troy's Neal Brown or Toledo's Jason Candle...Should it excuse his 14-22 record with the Mustangs? Not completely. But Morris might be the rare candidate who simply needed to lead a college program before leading a bigger college program, rather than a coach who needed to flourish at the former to leapfrog to the latter."
  8. Let's see how this helps with recruiting now, especially in our own backyard.
  9. ...and now Wheeler is down...
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