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  1. Rico, we wish you the best in your football career. You provided results and despite your departure it was a pleasure having you do work for the MEAN GREEN. I hope you represent CUSA well.
  2. Announcer stated “ probably should rethink strength and conditioning” and I concur. There are a lot of lower extremity injuries occurring to the team. La Tech players were pretty large! They must have a solid nutrition and strength plan. probably something the coaches want to re-evaluate.
  3. Did a bit of research and Rico is more than just a “ North Texas Star”.
  4. I would add Rico mastered the YAC and that makes him a special player. I think with Guyton and Bussey provided a dual-threat.
  5. Should I re-state “winning” passing game. Fine has ample time in the pocket. This year he is rushing his reads and being spastic.
  6. UNT has no passing game and it's evident in the pass 2 games.
  7. The coach omits what he is really missing... Outside talent is missing... JG (NFL) and Bussey (injury) is a large piece missing. He does not have that talent in his depth-charts! Coach should of stayed away from the “Heisman” talk. Not having your elite players make a difference... Coach should address it.
  8. Fine and Bussey the connection is what UNT is missing. When it was happening NO ONE acknowledged it, but it's evident now.
  9. No one acknowledges the loss of Guyton and Bussey!
  10. Fine and Bussey the connection is what UNT is missing. When it was happening NO ONE acknowledged it, but it's evident now.
  11. Team is truly missing Bussey... this game would have been won!
  12. Negative or positive dialogue matters. This forum is here for this purpose to express thoughts and opinions. The ”Best QB in School history” can be critiqued and it can be negative despite the masses who disagree.
  13. Not sure where you get the ”4.28” speed... The QB has to put the ball in the air to allow for the WR to compete.
  14. Seems like the aggregate of folks do not want to critique the Heisman candidate. In order to grow and become a high power team it is paramount to address all issues.
  15. Very familiar with the term and I would say it's being used loosely. Throwing twice to a receiver, which one was short does not result in ”shutdown” coverage from a corner. Blanket coverage I agree with, but what is the contingency to Bussey drawing blanket coverage?
  16. I disagree with that premise as he had several attempts, but rolled to his right looking for something to develop. When has one on one coverage prevented a QB not to throw the ball to a top receiver?
  17. I disagree with your explanation as it was not covered from the corner. When has one on one coverage prevent a QB from delivering the ball to a skilled receiver?
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