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  1. A little birdie told me possibly Greg Taylor from Lewisville. https://ywww.hudl.com/profile/4768940/Greg-Taylor
  2. Took the family, we had a blast man! Very intense game. We will definitely go back. Different feel/Atmosphere from the football game, but fun in its own way. Only knock was the “North Texas Chant” not too many fans joined in. Im sure with McCasland, and the way the team is playing that will change. #GMG
  3. Hey Mean Green Family, I had a quick question, today is my first basketball game at UNT and i’m wondering how the parking is set up. Is it similar to how they do football games....at Fouts Field 10- $15 to park. Thank you in advance
  4. I will say in this presser Seth seemed like he genuinely likes the atmostsphere here at UNT. I feel like as long as Wren keeps Increasing Seth’s pay through the years, he may stick around for awhile. Or maybe that’s just wishful thinking #NextGaryPatterson
  5. IDK....IMO I think Veto’s questions can be a little too leading and silly sometimes, so I can see why Seth gets annoyed by them. Some of the questions irrate me and I don’t have to answer them. With that being said, I like Veto and understand that he Is just doing his job. In Short: I don’t mind Seth’s reactions/ responses because Seth is being Seth and Brett is being Brett.
  6. This episode has been by far one of the best BTG episode I’ve seen IMO. Great job to the production team.
  7. Thanks guys, I’ll probably end up just watching at Bone Daddy’s (I hear the “full racks” of ribs are good)
  8. I’ve might have missed these guys, but I haven’t seen Darrian McMillan(DL), Tim Faison, and *Chris Thornton (*He is one of the guys I thought would be a big help.) Anybody seen these guys in the first two games or know how they are doing in terms of development?
  9. Hey Guys, Does anyone know of any watch parties going on in the Denton area for the UNT vs Arkansas game? I know Eastside usually has something?
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