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  1. I agree, they are using the gray a little much! And I am actually a fan of gray, some of the combos they put together haven't be the best (like when they had just the gray helmet, I forget what game that was), but I do like gray, gives the team a different look. The grays should probably only be worn maybe once or twice a season IMHO I feel like the Uniform selection for games this year have been off. I would of thought we would of seen more of the Icy Whites! By far my favorite(2nd would be the Throwbacks)!
  2. I can’t believe he’s a Freshman, our RB crew is going to be really nice next year.
  3. This i agree completely. I may be the only one though, that feels that the GH isn’t as big as a set back that some may seem. I think the Charlotte game proves that a little. I think the experience (confidences) at WR has been a factor along with the offensive line not giving mason much time. With them using tight-end packages to add protection, the offense production has been a little better. Shorter’s confidence was through the roof last game and that showed. Don’t get me wrong offense is not where it was, but I feel like it’s more because of other factors, then the Offensive Coordinator. *with that being said, who know who is actually calling the plays the last couple of games (Seth or Brodie), I’m assuming it’s been Brodie
  4. 👂🏾Inside information?
  5. I think it just seems that way because they are big and tall.
  6. That catch from Austin Ogunmakin in the 4th for 25yrds, was a nice snag it definitely has me excited for these young receivers.
  7. Does anyone know if that number includes the UofH band.
  8. I would like to see more mix of run and pass. I feel like when they started mixing up the run and pass at cal they begin having some success.
  9. I don’t like the Pats but that is very true, happy for him. #GMG
  10. It’s GAME DAY !!!! Is it me or did the enthusiasm on this board dissipate after the last game? Come on fellas let’s get excited NORTH
  11. Idk if we held back intentionally, but I definitely felt as if the tempo offense wasn’t quite as advertised. I’m secretly hoping it’s a case of Bodie Reeder not wanting to show all the cards. I agree with @Tyler Maryak after seeing the Highlights I’m not as worried as I was, but I’m still concerned about our defense. I will say though I was impressive with Harvey’s after game response on defensive play, seems like he has a good head on his shoulders. I wish the best for this season..
  12. I finally got my North Texas painting put up in my new office. And I typically wear a Mean Green polo year round #GMG
  13. I’m assuming the show will go on. Does anybody know if they will still practice today? I may wait till the rain stops before I head out, if no practice.
  14. A little birdie told me possibly Greg Taylor from Lewisville. https://ywww.hudl.com/profile/4768940/Greg-Taylor
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