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  1. When I was selecting my new seats due to the COVID precautions I was told we are suppose receive a model of the Stadium. I was asked if they would be mailed, he said they were still working out the kinks. But said they may have us pick up during one of the home game. Said the goal was to hopefully get it figured out by the second game. They must be still working out logistics. Who’s knows though, may have to follow back up.
  2. Trying to be optimistic do you think it’s because we now have somebody else instead? 😰😭
  3. I’m feeling pretty good about next this next football season, and I don’t know why lol. I feel that we will have a better win column next year compared to this past year. Oddly I’m excited for our offense. I think our running backs will be our savior for the first few games... until Tate is able to spend more game time with our QB’s. Our run game will be solid all year assuming we’re injury free I’m still on the jury with the defense. I’m curious to know what formation Bowen will use. If Bowen is about to play to our strengths I think it could be a fun year... we have some
  4. I hope they get picked up! Best of luck to them both. # GMG
  5. Does anyone know when the Spring Game will be this year? Im surprised that we haven’t gotten all of our coaches yet. I was hoping we would of gotten them before the Feb signing day to prep for the Spring Game. also have we officially signed our Oline Coach? I would of expected more of an announcement or at least to see him more online with the other UNT coaches recruiting.
  6. So does that mean he isn’t coaching anymore? I'm confused.
  7. What I like about Aune is his composure. When he is in the pocket he looks so relaxed and un-phased. He has a strong arm as well. Im hoping he gets the nod next year, but all in all....if we’re winning I won’t care who’s in there. #GMG
  8. Not sure if anyone has mention him but Chip Long! Was with Notre Dame.
  9. I agree, they are using the gray a little much! And I am actually a fan of gray, some of the combos they put together haven't be the best (like when they had just the gray helmet, I forget what game that was), but I do like gray, gives the team a different look. The grays should probably only be worn maybe once or twice a season IMHO I feel like the Uniform selection for games this year have been off. I would of thought we would of seen more of the Icy Whites! By far my favorite(2nd would be the Throwbacks)!
  10. I can’t believe he’s a Freshman, our RB crew is going to be really nice next year.
  11. This i agree completely. I may be the only one though, that feels that the GH isn’t as big as a set back that some may seem. I think the Charlotte game proves that a little. I think the experience (confidences) at WR has been a factor along with the offensive line not giving mason much time. With them using tight-end packages to add protection, the offense production has been a little better. Shorter’s confidence was through the roof last game and that showed. Don’t get me wrong offense is not where it was, but I feel like it’s more because of other factors, then the Offensi
  12. 👂🏾Inside information?
  13. I think it just seems that way because they are big and tall.
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