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  1. MeanGreenWarDaddy

    Beyond the Green - Arkansas Game (Video)

  2. MeanGreenWarDaddy

    Seth Littrell Wk. 4 Press Conference

    I will say in this presser Seth seemed like he genuinely likes the atmostsphere here at UNT. I feel like as long as Wren keeps Increasing Seth’s pay through the years, he may stick around for awhile. Or maybe that’s just wishful thinking #NextGaryPatterson
  3. MeanGreenWarDaddy

    Seth Littrell Wk. 4 Press Conference

    IDK....IMO I think Veto’s questions can be a little too leading and silly sometimes, so I can see why Seth gets annoyed by them. Some of the questions irrate me and I don’t have to answer them. With that being said, I like Veto and understand that he Is just doing his job. In Short: I don’t mind Seth’s reactions/ responses because Seth is being Seth and Brett is being Brett.
  4. MeanGreenWarDaddy

    BTG Episode 2

    This episode has been by far one of the best BTG episode I’ve seen IMO. Great job to the production team.
  5. MeanGreenWarDaddy

    UNT vs Arkansas Watch Party?

    Thanks guys, I’ll probably end up just watching at Bone Daddy’s (I hear the “full racks” of ribs are good)
  6. MeanGreenWarDaddy

    Unseen Players

    I’ve might have missed these guys, but I haven’t seen Darrian McMillan(DL), Tim Faison, and *Chris Thornton (*He is one of the guys I thought would be a big help.) Anybody seen these guys in the first two games or know how they are doing in terms of development?
  7. MeanGreenWarDaddy

    UNT vs Arkansas Watch Party?

    Hey Guys, Does anyone know of any watch parties going on in the Denton area for the UNT vs Arkansas game? I know Eastside usually has something?
  8. MeanGreenWarDaddy

    ‘18 Tyree Thompson LB (LA Valley CC)

    Looks like Daniel Khan knew him as well
  9. MeanGreenWarDaddy

    '18 WR Chritauskie Dove Jr. (Denton Ryan)

    Any updates on this guy? Looks like he picked up a Texas Tech offer per Rivals @Withers940 @TheReal_jayD
  10. Do we know for sure if English is playing next year? @Brett Vito
  11. MeanGreenWarDaddy

    Why is the future bright?

    Oh yea i agree... he should to be on the list. From some of the podcasts it sounds like he may have the potential to be the next Orr by his senior year. Idk about that but I’m excited for him non the less.
  12. MeanGreenWarDaddy

    Why is the future bright?

    All kidding aside. I feel like we will have some players come out of the woodworks next year. players that are on the roster but haven't been talked about (not much at least). Here are 5 players I think may make an impact, no particular order but..... 1) Kerry Hall - Special teams (either KR or PR) 2) Joe Ozougwu - already on peoples radar but feel like his play next year will still surprise ppl 3) Chris Thornton 4)Makyle Sanders 5)Keegan Brewer - (Him along with greg white will be the new receivers who will be targeted next) Disclaimer - no inside information.....just a wild, wild hunch #ButI'mNotACoach
  13. MeanGreenWarDaddy

    Seth Littrell on defense

    This. I would agree. I think the defensive Ref runs just requires skilled D-line and effective blitzes to run how its designed/intended. This year our front line didn't get the pressure needed, and most of the time we didn't hit home on our blitzes; causing our CB to get burned and left out on an island alone. (better CB play always helps, but D-Line and blitzes didn't help much) With that said I think as a DC you should adjust the system to the skills of your players and not try to force fit them into your system. I feel like Ref will have his players he needs next year thou. We have some redshirt players and individuals that didn't play much this year that I feel will step up next year. #ButI'mNotACoach #IBelieveInRef
  14. MeanGreenWarDaddy

    DRC: UNT, FAU coaches talk rematch in C-USA title game

    I think we all tried to forget about that game!
  15. MeanGreenWarDaddy

    Here's something I wish our band would do

    That was great. I agree with ya, it would be nice to have our band do half time shows like this. IMO I could see it happening when there’s consistantly 26-30,000 people in the seats for the home games (Which may be sooner than a lot of people think) #Future’sBright #LeaveOurCoachAlone