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  1. MeanGreenWarDaddy

    ‘18 Tyree Thompson LB (LA Valley CC)

    Looks like Daniel Khan knew him as well
  2. MeanGreenWarDaddy

    '18 WR Chritauskie Dove Jr. (Denton Ryan)

    Any updates on this guy? Looks like he picked up a Texas Tech offer per Rivals @Withers940 @TheReal_jayD
  3. Do we know for sure if English is playing next year? @Brett Vito
  4. MeanGreenWarDaddy

    Why is the future bright?

    Oh yea i agree... he should to be on the list. From some of the podcasts it sounds like he may have the potential to be the next Orr by his senior year. Idk about that but I’m excited for him non the less.
  5. MeanGreenWarDaddy

    Why is the future bright?

    All kidding aside. I feel like we will have some players come out of the woodworks next year. players that are on the roster but haven't been talked about (not much at least). Here are 5 players I think may make an impact, no particular order but..... 1) Kerry Hall - Special teams (either KR or PR) 2) Joe Ozougwu - already on peoples radar but feel like his play next year will still surprise ppl 3) Chris Thornton 4)Makyle Sanders 5)Keegan Brewer - (Him along with greg white will be the new receivers who will be targeted next) Disclaimer - no inside information.....just a wild, wild hunch #ButI'mNotACoach
  6. MeanGreenWarDaddy

    Seth Littrell on defense

    This. I would agree. I think the defensive Ref runs just requires skilled D-line and effective blitzes to run how its designed/intended. This year our front line didn't get the pressure needed, and most of the time we didn't hit home on our blitzes; causing our CB to get burned and left out on an island alone. (better CB play always helps, but D-Line and blitzes didn't help much) With that said I think as a DC you should adjust the system to the skills of your players and not try to force fit them into your system. I feel like Ref will have his players he needs next year thou. We have some redshirt players and individuals that didn't play much this year that I feel will step up next year. #ButI'mNotACoach #IBelieveInRef
  7. MeanGreenWarDaddy

    DRC: UNT, FAU coaches talk rematch in C-USA title game

    I think we all tried to forget about that game!
  8. MeanGreenWarDaddy

    Here's something I wish our band would do

    That was great. I agree with ya, it would be nice to have our band do half time shows like this. IMO I could see it happening when there’s consistantly 26-30,000 people in the seats for the home games (Which may be sooner than a lot of people think) #Future’sBright #LeaveOurCoachAlone
  9. MeanGreenWarDaddy

    Uniforms vs LA Tech

    I was actually a fan of the gray. Just didn’t like the results of the game in the gray. I wouldn’t mind seeing it again. I’m curious to see how green gray green, or white gray white would look. One thing is for sure the #MeanGreen certainly have options now, weather we like ‘em or not.
  10. MeanGreenWarDaddy

    It Is Game Day !!

  11. MeanGreenWarDaddy

    Defensive stars of UAB game

    I saw Nate Brooks do the same thing after the 1st touchdown he got burned on. Is it me or does Nate seem to be struggling a little bit with the defense style this year. He seem to shine the pervious year(s). I feel like the coaches and players will get it corrected, but how soon is the question. Pass coverage worries me a lot!! especially with the team we play next.
  12. MeanGreenWarDaddy

    Its Game Day!

  13. MeanGreenWarDaddy

    Mason Fine Had 3rd Most Passing Yards In Week 2

    I hear ya. At the end of the day the "W" is the only thing that matters. I feel that we will have more "W's" this year than we did last year, and as a fan....progress is all I will ask for (even though inside I expect a lot more; and get angry like anyone else on this board) #GMG
  14. MeanGreenWarDaddy

    Mason Fine Had 3rd Most Passing Yards In Week 2

    I agree we aren't going to win too many games this season, if we don't tighten up on Special Teams. It may just be me, but I feel defense has been doing ok considering. With the type of coverage we run I expect us to get torched once in a while. But I think Defense play will be better the less they are on the field. So if Special Teams gets us better field possession, I think we end up playing better all around. With that being said. I do still feel DB's need to improve, there is no doubt about that. Just saying with better Special Team play the SMU is a completely different ball game IMHO.