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  1. Is there any member of our staff as valuable as Walerius? And yes, I'm including Littrell in that. Our recruiting is truly night and day since he's joined the staff, let's hope we can keep him around as long as possible.
  2. The announcers were definitely mostly focused on the 1st round pick at QB, but the Chargers have made a few posts about it being Guyton's first TD too so he's getting the credit he deserves.
  3. After a drop in the first quarter Jalen just scored his first NFL touchdown!!
  4. We recruited like crap Littrell's first 3 years here and it's finally caught up to us, he got lucky by finding a diamond in the rough in Mason Fine, but recruiting and results are tied together time and time again. We've put together back to back impressive classes, but we can't expect true freshman and sophomores to lead a team. We've known all along this season would be a tough transition year, so let's see how conference play goes when we are playing teams the same caliber as we are, bring in another good class and go from there. Most on here predicted at least 5-7 losses this season but act like this when those losses happen, if you were going to over react when we lose why wasn't anyone predicting we would go 11-1 or 10-2?
  5. Bowen mostly ran a 4 man front at Kansas, so this is more of a personnel issue than what he would prefer to do. Judging by our 3 DT commits for 2021 it looks like we are trying to add a lot of depth to that area of our team. Defensive lineman, especially DT rotate more than any other position on the team and looking at the roster we basically have 3 guys that can play DT and one of those is a true freshman, so there's just no way we have the depth to run a 4-3 at this point in time. We need to add a juco DT to our class this year, hope Novil is willing to come back next year and then maybe next year we can finally get out of the 3-3-5.
  6. Did you see this game last year? Their team is mostly the same with aspirations of going undefeated, we got worse and less experienced.
  7. Losing to a team that is significantly better than us while also missing multiple starters is not bad coaching, when our players are worse than theirs it's just difficult to make simple plays just look at how we ran through HBU. I'll reserve my judgement on our coaching for a game where we are playing a team on our level like Southern Miss
  8. Point still stands, everyone acts like we have one fast QB and one slow, but Aune just out ran 2 pass rushers for a 1st down. I'll take that speed plus his arm strength. Everyone makes bad throws every now and then, fade route to a short receiver is usually never a good idea.
  9. Multiple teams struggled in their first game back and Texas State has 2 P5 transfers at QB and RB. Anyone who thought we were in the same league as SMU was dreaming. They are still the same as last year and Bean is not ready for this level of competition, simple as that. All offseason we predicted we would get blown out by A&M, Houston and SMU and now everyone is shocked that it's actually happening.
  10. Still a current QB in the CFL and led his team to their version of the Super Bowl this past season, so have to say it's pretty impressive for the staff to find a great QB role model/teacher for the remainder of the season until we can bring in a new coach. Love to see a proactive move like this. How many schools can say they have an active professional player coaching for them? Would have to imagine this is one of the only times it's happened.
  11. Good question, one that I didn't have the answer to so I did a little digging and the answer is no. That doesn't mean there isn't more we don't know currently, but to simply charge and arrest him nothing more is needed other than the statement from the first victim about the groping. She gets pretty detailed and there are multiple incidences, so it's a lot more than them just arresting him because someone said he slapped their butt. I wasn't sure how this type of process worked or what the terminology is so I'm assuming others might be in the same boat, but basically an arrest affidavit is a sworn and signed statement by a victim explaining what happened to them which then gets submitted to a judge to decide if there is probable cause for a crime and then to issue an arrest warrant. In Wallis' affidavit the victim details the multiple incidences with him, but also states she and Wallis never exchanged any texts and he never attempted to try and meet her privately in any setting outside of the inappropriate touching that happened in the field house, on the practice field, or game field. There's at least one other victim, but from a legal perspective he could have been arrested just from the first story alone. Not defending the guy in the slightest, and as I've said if true I hope he gets punished as heavily as possible, but it seems some on here think they had to have some more evidence in order to arrest and charge him but that's not true. The article below is where I got most of my information, and if you pause the video at the right time you can even read the affidavit yourself. https://www.wfaa.com/article/news/crime/unt-assistant-football-coach-arrested-accused-of-improper-relationship-with-a-student/287-c0601ae7-ef39-40c7-af39-4bec44f134fb
  12. Gotta agree with NTSN on this one, tweeting gifs or things like "You will love it here" is perfectly fine, there's nothing wrong with being a fan of your team and showing recruits that we have a presence and a passionate fan base. But, tweeting negatively when someone decommits or commits elsewhere is pretty childish.
  13. I'm a bit late to this, but we can't let this game be any type of sign to us. SMU is still a really good team and I think Texas State is as well. Memphis transfer at QB and Arizona State transfer at RB, both are sophomores too. Texas State is pretty similar to us in that there really isn't any reason they shouldn't be able to be one of the better teams in their conference year after year with some of the 3rd tier Texas HS players. If they can get a good coach in there and maintain solid QB play, and it appears they have both right now, we might start having to compete with another team for recruits in state.
  14. In a separate thought, the more info that comes out here it appears that rather than some kind of full on relationship or sexual encounter he is being accused of touching a student trainer on the sidelines on two occasions. Let me be very clear, both are very bad and he should be punished accordingly if true. However, I feel as if on the sideline mid-game, surrounded by thousands of people, likely with your wife and kids watching you in the stands would be the dumbest possible time to do such a thing without any reason behind it whatsoever. Does that make it untrue? Absolutely not, if anything it makes it worse if it is true. But let's say there's no more to the story, no texts, no backstory, just one student saying it happened and another backing her up. If that's all there is to this I would imagine finding any kind of evidence would be nearly impossible. So how do we move forward from that?
  15. I'm all for people getting the rightful punishment they deserve and hope he does too should he deserve it, but this headline is misleading and is attempting to imply there was some specific reason we should not have hired him that we should have/did uncover in our hiring process. I'm not trying to circumvent DRC's paywall, but basically this woman is an assault survivor who shared her story with the Baylor football program and afterwards Wallis confronted her saying Baylor was a clean program and he wasn't sure why she was there, that's all. I don't agree with him confronting her at all, and we know what we know about Baylor at this point, but for her to say he doesn't deserve another coaching job ever simply because of that encounter alone seems to be a bit petty in my mind.
  16. This year doesn't count for eligibility due to corona. Will be really interesting to see some guys play their entire senior year at one place and then potentially try to play another senior year at a different school next year.
  17. Bowen mostly went with a 4 man front from what I can remember at Kansas, but could be mistaken there. My guess is that the decision to run 3-3-5 is a short term one due to personnel. As UNTLifer just mentioned we are attempting to load up on DT in this recruiting class which I would guess is a good indication of what's to come.
  18. Welcome to the forum Coach Wallis or Wallis family member, I'd probably sit this one out if it were me.
  19. Just because you're playing a team you believe you should beat without a doubt doesn't mean you prepare for that game any differently than any other. Why should we even practice at all before this game? It's pointless and we could risk injury for a game our 3rd stringers could win according to your thought process. The point of this type of approach isn't so they are shocked when they see who takes the first snap. It's that we made them use their limited defensive game prep going over strategies to face 2 different styles of QB. It probably doesn't take much research or game tape on their part to see that Bean is a scrambler while Aune prefers to pass. Obviously the guessing game is over once the first snap takes place, but you still made them waste time prepping for a running QB when you don't even have a running QB in the game. You can call that pointless if you'd like, but I personally will let any team we play waste time practicing defenses they won't even have to use in a game rather than getting better at the stuff they actually will need to use against us.
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