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  1. Don't think we had anyone else trying. We didn't have many seniors in the first place and from what I can see they all either left to move on with their life, decided to come back and play again, or transferred to play somewhere else for their 2nd senior year.
  2. I think I would pass on this one. If I am seeing his timeline correctly he has played in 2 games of division 1 football since graduating in 2016. The size is there, but for whatever reason he has not shown the ability to play at the FBS level after 5 years.
  3. Ruder was a state champion track star in HS so I would argue his speed was not much behind Bean at one point if at all. That was also 4 years and a significant leg injury ago so hard to say what we have now, but to say he's not a runner would be wrong. Hard to compare their results because Ruder did hurdles and Bean did the 100 meter but- Ruder 110m hurdles- 15.49 Bean 100m- 10.36 They both did the 4x100 and I'm going to go out on a limb and guess Bean might have had slightly better teammates but those numbers are more similar. Ruder 4x100- 43.81 Bean 4x100- 40.91
  4. Interesting that Dion Novil was not chosen as one of their "notable" returners as a 2 time all conference player.
  5. Commits to Syracuse. I would assume that with Sanders coming back for us we might have backed off his recruitment.
  6. Are we really trying to compare the greatest QB in school history coming in and beating out a guy that Seth had basically zero connection to, to this? That was Seth's first year, he wanted to put his mark on the team and going along with Alex Morris who was a senior vs putting in the first QB he really recruited as a freshman to set up the future is completely different than what's going on now. We complain all the time that Seth has issues sitting older guys when there are players with more potential behind them. I personally just don't think Seth is going to bench a guy he's going into his 4th season with, who was the starter for pretty much all of last year after just fall camp. If Jace comes in and wins the job in just a couple months then I think we have a real star on our hands.
  7. Dang that sucks..must have missed that when he first committed. I think he will be the most talented QB on our roster but given his shorter practice time and the fact that Seth has already shown a lot of preference towards Aune it seems like it will be tough for him to take the job before the season starts. Kind of get the feeling we will have another year with a cloudy QB situation, but hopefully someone takes the job and holds onto it all year.
  8. https://247sports.com/Player/Trevon-West-46049156/high-school-207233/ From Arlington with offers from OU, KU, SDSU, Hawaii, Texas Tech, Illinois, Minn, and Tulsa out of HS. Most interesting part is that we signed his brother Harold in our 2021 class. I'd like to think we would have a good shot if we pursued him.
  9. Agreed on many of the points regarding the Passwaters hire and quite frankly we could have done better..but my question is how do we gauge his success? Our best player plays DL, along with 2 budding potential stars at DE and also one of our highest rated recruits ever in McCrae who I still think has a lot of potential. We are also switching to a much more DL friendly alignment with 4 lineman so I feel like the DL is already set up for success, or at the very least improvement. The first person I will want to give credit to for improved DL play is Bennett because we are switching to his system, using his play calls, and his coaching. How will we be able to differentiate whether we should be giving credit or blame to Bennett or Passwaters?
  10. https://247sports.com/player/peyton-bowen-46113794/ We have not offered yet, but he has picked up offers from Colorado and Tulsa in the last couple of days, I'd like to hope our staff is already checking him out but you never know. Given his age and how Guyer recruiting normally goes it seems like he's a kid who's about to blow up, but would be nice to be on it early instead of after several P5 schools.
  11. Always disappointing to see we are beat to the punch by several out of state schools for a guy 10 minutes from campus.
  12. I know we talk a lot on here about needing to be more active with transfers, etc but I have to think Texas State is going a bit overboard with this and I don't see it working out well. Their 2021 recruiting class has zero high school players currently, and in 2020 they signed 5. I originally thought they made a decent hire with their new coach, but it will be an interesting experiment to see what they look like over the next few years.
  13. Not that it's really relevant anymore but it's just my personal opinion, he got moved/possibly volunteered to move to WR at Ole Miss so I wasn't really super high on bringing in an undersized guy who up to this point has not shown he has what it takes to play QB at the FBS level. I have seen you mention the Gilmore thing a couple of times now, care to shed some light on that? Why do you keep saying he won't even be playing QB?
  14. Well if it's a QB as predicted there are only 8 uncommitted 4-star QB's in the transfer portal and the only ones that make sense would be: https://247sports.com/Player/Grant-Tisdale-90288/high-school-173266/ (meh) or https://247sports.com/Player/Chris-Robison-58861/ (please no) If it ends up being a QB I think this says more about how the coaches feel about Martin/Gilmore as a back up next year than it does about Aune.
  15. Another brutal start to the season, we could legitimately lose 6 or more games in a row after week 1.
  16. Sucks that the year we have a guy poised to potentially break the draft streak the combine is being done in this way. All of his workouts will be individually done at UNT during his pro day. No opportunity to stand out in person in front of coaches and scouts through drills or interviews. Having everyone in Indianapolis on national TV makes access and exposure so much easier and now there is really nothing different between this and a pro day. Still a great accomplishment to be told that he's the caliber of player who is included in this, but it's just really unfortunate timing. Hopefully we schedule pro day so that it doesn't interfere with many others and we can get a bunch of scouts out to Denton if that's even allowed.
  17. Keep in mind that his high school coaches son Ra'Shaad Samples is the recruiting coordinator and RB coach at SMU. Was probably the easiest decision ever to stay close to home and play for someone I would imagine he knows well.
  18. Recruiting went online and made it much easier for players to get themselves out there. Now someone who may have decided to take the PWO opportunity here because it was their only/best option can just as easily get that same chance at a "better" school.
  19. Brian Stewart- current Baylor cornerbacks coach. Has more ties to Texas as former DC at Houston, also was DC and interim HC at Rice. Lots of experience coaching DB's both in college and in the NFL. Rocky Long- current DC at New Mexico. Checks all the boxes, but would only have minimal TXHSFB ties. His daughter is currently a professor at UNT. David Gibbs- current DB coach at Missouri. Most recently had DC and interim HC experience at Tech and Houston. Joseph Gillespie- current DC at Tulsa. Spent 20 years at Stephenville as HC and also worked under Art Briles and Chad Morris. This would probably be my pick if I had to guess who this was about. I'm sure there are a handful more, but these were 4 guys who checked the boxes.
  20. https://247sports.com/Player/Robert-Barnes-81947/high-school-142244/ Just entered the portal.
  21. Hm, given that he checks all of those boxes it is likely someone older rather than a young up and comer. Also since we are trying to outbid his current employers he is likely a position coach at a P5 school because I seriously doubt we would be taking someone who is already a DC at a "better" school.
  22. Would love this addition. Watched him play in HS and he was a stud on possibly the worst HS team I've ever seen.
  23. https://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/30622282/oklahoma-state-mike-gundy-says-tylan-wallace-limited-cheez-bowl-action-pre-planned-protect-injury Argue about the issue all you want, but the coaches made this decision for this specific player before the game even started. They say watching the injury to the Miami QB influenced the timing of the decision. Nobody quit at halftime.
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