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  1. ItsSparky

    Punt Returner 2.0

    Jaelon Darden is an extremely capable punt returner... one of my least concerns, he’ll house one by years end
  2. All by design & to script.. not worried at all, the scholly's available are coming at the best time for the program.. Expecting GMac to bring in a quality big as well as another scorer.. Many thanks to Khalil, Fredo & AJ, this is just modern day CBB business
  3. A big who can run the floor & protect the rim would be my first choice, also in need of 1 more perimeter scorer imo.
  4. ItsSparky

    Charlotte (1/4/18)

    These CUSA officials are calling a heck of a game tonight.
  5. ItsSparky

    Eric Jenkins in the NFL?

    He could use some height and weight, plus I'd think he would need to be an improved tackler... You have to do that at the next level as a DB, but corners are a unique animal.. You can find quality at just about any level, hope he gets a chance..
  6. ItsSparky

    It’s Game Day

    Safe travels, bring back a W NORTH!!
  7. ItsSparky

    DCTF Power Poll

    I kept reiterating what a full off season & spring would do for 6. A kid with his work ethic & IQ was obviously going to take quantum leaps. People forget he was playing as a true Fresh about 30 days after arriving in Denton. Proud of the kid, not only one hell of a football player, but turning into a great ambassador for our University.
  8. ItsSparky

    We shouldn’t abandon the Army series

    It's obvious the Army game was abandoned to set up improved future scheduling, and the home/home with Houston fits that bill. Army is still on the future schedule (2020, 2021) as well. The good guys lost about 5 bodies the other night too. It's football and it happens, but playing Army late in the year isn't necessarily great from a health standpoint, and defensively you have to scheme up the option. That's a complete battle/grind for 60 min, reasonable not to what to do that yearly. As for not wanting to play Liberty over a difference of opinion, get over it. I'm not Mormon, nor do I necessarily agree w/ their beliefs, but I'd love to have a home/home with BYU. As would just about all of us. It's a winnable road game, victories equal a change in perception. Just keep winning, everything else follows. That's how every program has ever made the come up. Plus, I can think of worse things than bending over Liberty on a Saturday.
  9. ItsSparky

    Nebraska (11/13/17)

    B10.. Huskers had to grind out their opener over the fighting Tony Romo's aka Easter Illinois.. Dare I say winnable?? Would love a competitive game w/ under 10 to go.. Believe the game is on Big Ten net??
  10. ItsSparky

    Homecoming Proposal

    My man Larry is all grown up.... Extremely happy for you brother.. I'm waiting for next years playoff invite to one up you.. I can pop the question when we're playing in the Natty.. Anyone who knows a chick let me know, thanks in advance
  11. ItsSparky

    Littrell post game FAU

    The wives, the pool, the whatever, is a straight cop out. Call it how it is, the team got their ass whooped for 60 minutes. No excuses, just flat out outperformed from start to finish.... With that said, I'm eager to see the response, still so very much to play for, but this will really test this staff. I want to see if they can bounce back, prob Littrell & co biggest challenge since arriving..
  12. Lost me when he referred to M Fine as Darrius Turner in the photo..
  13. ItsSparky

    Jaquan Tillis (Harker Heights)

    Tyler Bouldin, a UNT legend I might add...
  14. ItsSparky

    Frank Wilson now the highest paid coach in CUSA

    The kids Wilson recruited there are what? Redshirt Freshmen? Sophmores? Come on man, the fact you're acting like that isn't a winnable game is comical... sorry I don't buy the 'talent difference' opinion..
  15. ItsSparky

    12 NFL Team Scouts Have Watched UNT This Fall

    Jeff has to stay healthy or it's a mute point. His undersized frame doesn't do him much favor either. I know he has struggled to add and maintain weight in the past. Pound for pound he is one hell of a running back though, he will definitely get his looks, just hope his body holds up. Kishawn is likely the reason for the boost in scouts at practice. He too is a bit undersized, which is typical at the G5 level, but the guy is as instinctual of a ball player as I can recall. Put on the Army film in West Point, incredible the way he flew to the ball, sideline to sideline. He can support the run and drop in coverage. A natural football player. Deserving of every look he gets.