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  1. Are there currently any other conferences without divisions?
  2. Regular season champs. Guess this is the replacement of division champs.
  3. What team does Rice bring to the game? The team that lost to Charlotte or the team that took down UAB? Puts me on edge....
  4. 🤣 I think I found a fan base more negative than my own!
  5. I’m feeling pretty good about this comment now. Still thinking it’s over???
  6. How are y’all watching the game? Don’t see a broadcast for it.
  7. I laughed harder at that than I probably should have. 🤣
  8. Usually closed off unless ticket sells are showing that it needs to be opened up. Was opened up for the Houston game and then UNT.
  9. Crazy that he had to leave Texas to get onto an FBS team. I know he went with his couch, but still.
  10. See her face when we won last year? Pretty sure she hate our schools for leaving and would do what she can to prevent any of us taking the trophy.
  11. It honestly felt like Aune could just throw the ball up in the air anywhere and there would be a receiver there that may or may not catch it. Funny thing is in the end, our defenders couldnt catch it either. Maybe there was too much mustard on those passes.
  12. Don't like the school president having to get in the middle of those things.... I can see why they would be upset about that call, im sure from the field it looked like a bunch of BS. I didnt believe it until seeing the replay on the tv. They actually gave us a half yard less than what was really earned after the review. Pivotal play.
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