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  1. Would have been great to win. And yeah, I havnt ever been a real big fan of them either. They just rub me the wrong way.
  2. Wish I knew the answer to that. QB play is all over the place. Frank just isnt as accurate as we had hoped. Adkins can really spread the ball, but then broke his collar bone. hes back now, but is showing as second string. Really seems like we play to the level of our competition. With BYU, I would say there was some luck in there. Possibly LA tech too. also had bad luck with the likes of Army. Feels both ways.
  3. ok... what about all other schools? I also read through their boards, guess they are all rivalries, which is kinds true. either way, about the game.... Im not sure we win this. at the moment, if you stop the run game, you have a good shot at winning. Passing game just cant find a way to always be a threat. Also, winning this game gives us a decent shot at the west depending on UAB and it just seems like UNT will be able to revenge the 2013 game in the same way. I hope not, but kinda feels like it.
  4. A must win if we want to hit our goals this year, but our super bowl?? I dont think so.
  5. Thanks you sir. it surprises me that Southern Miss doesnt atleast have something in the works with how long they have been around.
  6. Does anybody have a full list of CUSA teams with some sort of covered practice facilities?
  7. We will see going into next year. We have had high hopes for him, but two acl tears is killing us. Is a great kid that holds his head hi though. I hope he gets a shot.
  8. I’m at home with my newborn unfortunately. I’m pretty sure that guy had it made.
  9. Was a great game fellas. Series tied at three now. See you next year and good luck in your bowl game!
  10. He was probably afraid of leaving 10 seconds for Fine to drive it down the field. Lol, but yeah wth
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