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  1. Can confirm this is on track right now. That 2013 win we had came back around hard. AAC will see a good rivalry coming into conference. Congrats on the W.
  2. If Seth beats up on FIU, I really dont see him getting fired for losing to UTSA.
  3. I honestly have a fear of the timing of this game. on one side, we lose to UAB and go into Denton with our heads down knowing all we just played for is gone and there is no shot at the CUSA title. on the other side, we win against UAB and go to Denton knowing we are going to the title game and dont do our due diligence for the game at hand. just feels like there are lots of ways to mess this up.
  4. I honestly think most are ecstatic that we got the opportunity and realize that moving up in conference will move all of us back to the bottom and need to build back up. Its just an opportunity that you cant pass up on, we all have to jump on it and put our best product forward. Its going to be big for all of us. Exciting times ahead.
  5. Wanted to drop this gem here for you guys.
  6. All are happy to take either conference to get away form Judy, but feels like most prefer ACC over MW mostly for travel. Now if we can to chose MW with UNT or AAC with Rice, would assume MW.
  7. We have yet to win in Ruston so who knows. Maybe this year we can make it happen. I hope a move up in conference helps us keep him a little longer, but we all know if the right school comes calling, he will be gone.
  8. So does the AAC announcement come at just the right time to help bring in a new coach for UNT?
  9. Twitter space isnt the best.
  10. Apologies I didnt mean to come off rude, but that rubbed me wrong last year. Everyone was looking forward to matchup and those shenanigans came up.
  11. lol. the future is bright! Also, side note. Assuming this is NTSN on twitter, they are looking for you to speak in the alliance twitter chat as a rep for UNT.
  12. Maybe, but if it was a P5 school, SMU all of a sudden wouldn't have had COVID issues.
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